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master q60
Aka Shinboro
FFR Rank:334
FFR Average Rank:57
FFR Grandtotal Rank:267
FFR Grandtotal:17,350,437,880
FFR Games Played:28,145
Location:Minot, North Dakota, USA
Last Activity:01-24-2021
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Member for: 13.31 years
Gaming Region:USA - Great Lakes
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master q60's Gameplay Stats Today
master q60's Gameplay Stats Today
1592 / 2406
1798 / 2406
Tier Points
847 / 1500
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About me:
I'm currently a Junior going for my computer science BS at Minot State University.
Bowling (High game 299, Series 742) Video Games
Fav Music:
BTBAM Animals as Leaders A7X Slipknot The Faceless Eminem SOAD Opeth Periphery Earl Sweatshirt Tyler, The Creator Lamb of God Whitechapel
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- Unlocked Tier 3!
- FFR 9th Official Tournament: Division 5 - Participant
- FFR 4th Official Tournament: Division 3 - Participant
- FFR 5th Official Tournament: Division 4 - Participant
- FFR 6th Official Tournament: Division 5 - Participant
- FFR 7th Official Tournament: Division 5 - Participant
- FFR 8th Official Tournament: Division 5 - Participant
- FFR 10th Official Tournament: Division 5 - Top 8
- FFR 11th Official Tournament: Division 6 - Participant
- FFR 12th Official Tournament: Division 6 - Participant
- FFR 13th Official Tournament: Division 6 - Participant
Comment wall
danredge writes...
at 1:04:23pm on 7/7/20
Good Job on FFLBF n_n
AD4M-V writes...
at 6:54:49pm on 7/3/16
Yikes, Diamante is brutal.
Hey, I'm late, but congrats with the 1,000 AAA's anyways!
MarcusHawkins writes...
at 3:57:01pm on 12/24/15
YAY!! Late, but congrats on 1000! :D
Now go for getting in the top 100 AAAs list! ;-)
sweet2kill210 writes...
at 12:23:05am on 12/10/15
congrats on 1000. :3
gstarfire writes...
at 9:30:10pm on 12/9/15
WHOOT 1,000!!!
Kawaii025 writes...
at 9:51:00am on 6/12/15
Congrats on reaching 900 AAA's! :)
_Zenith_ writes...
at 11:06:05am on 10/22/14
You ma boi q60! On a serious note though, it's incredible to see how much you are skilljumping. I remember being in D5 and actually competing with you and now if you continue to jump, we'll see each other in D6 ;]
YoshL writes...
at 11:48:01am on 10/2/14
we are like the exact same skill level lmao
Hakulyte writes...
at 2:21:25pm on 6/23/14
Yeah, I'm also flagging it randomly even though I'm supposed to be good at consistency. Probably what's truly upsetting me.
Hakulyte writes...
at 1:54:16pm on 6/23/14
tbh, im spamming flags on that file and it's been driving me mad since a few days because it doesn't even feel like it should give me this much trouble lol.
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