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Posted on: April 3, 2009, at 05:51:51pm   [0 comments]
Host with ic0 of the Unofficial Slayerific Phantominizer 1st Tournament! (2009)
Leader of the Official 1v1 (2009)
Host with ic0 of the Phantom Slayer Rock Fest Tournament (2009)
Host with ic0 of The Phantom Slayer Halloween Disaster Tournament (2009)
Host with ic0 of the Slayerific Phantominaizer New Year Tourney! (2011)

2nd place (D2) badman's 2nd tourney of darkness! (2009)
1st place (begginer[D2]) ZC_Wolfy's and StyleTheBronx5's 2nd tournament (2009)
3rd place (D3) Vanilla's second tourney! (2009)
2nd place (D3) Bolth's First Double Song Tournament! (2009)
2nd place (D3) Megamanmaniac's PA Tournament! (2009)
2nd place (D3) Q-tip's random tourney! (2009)
2nd place (D3) Gun92's Ye Olde Fashioned PA Tournament (2009)
2nd place (D4) Phantom Slayer Rock Fest Tournament (2009)
3rd place (D4) Can you beat the Dragons_Fury team members? (2009)
4th place (D3) 5th Official FFR Tournament (2009)
1st place (D4) Delta & Micky's 1st Themed Tournament! (2009)
2nd place (D4) Niala's and kjwkjw's First Annual Tourney de All Hallows Eve (2009)
1st place (D4) The Phantom Slayer Halloween Disaster Tournament (2009)
1st place (D4) xBBx Takedown's First PA Tournament! (2009)
3rd place (D5) King's and Takedown's Tournament! (2011)
11th place - 2011 Stepmania Tourney (note: against AlexDest, Ziergdsx18, Gundam-Dude, Kommisar, Staiain, The5thMoon, among others. So... pretty good)
Posted on: March 4, 2009, at 06:32:25pm   [11 comments]
Padre Rubix que estas en tu compu.
Santificados sean tus dedos.
Venga a nosotros tus juegos.
Hagase tu velocidad aqui en la compu como en el torneo.
Danos hoy nuestra AAA de cada dia.
Perdona nuestros scores,
como nosotros tambien perdonamos a los que no juegan.
No nos dejes caer en lentitud,
y libranos del miss.

note: we're going to hell for this hahahahaha XD
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floeds writes at 4:18:43pm on 9/27/11
I can't find you x.x try me Inge van den Boomen haha
floeds writes at 9:32:24am on 9/27/11
I don't have you and I don't know how to find you either xD
floeds writes at 9:26:40am on 9/27/11
I don't mind hahaha
and I'll check now, the facebook thing =]
floeds writes at 4:12:14pm on 9/26/11
ahh I see, I'd like to see some of those when they're done =D
and yes, I think it would be very interesting to work with people like that
floeds writes at 3:34:48pm on 9/25/11
what kind of projects? and I'm doing social studies now.
I think I wanna work with autistic people when I'm done =]
floeds writes at 12:29:48pm on 9/23/11
its just a date I won't forget very easily haha
I'm alright, just started college, you? =D
floeds writes at 5:40:32am on 9/21/11
haaappy birthday =D
I'll never forget hahaha
KazekageGaaraluvr writes at 3:39:13am on 8/30/11
Yeah, I don't come on here anymore. I have like 1 million sites I've joined, lol.
Bangcrashboom writes at 8:38:27pm on 7/27/11
same old thing. I'm out of school for now and i havent been coming here... like at all lol
STARLov314 writes at 11:26:17am on 7/18/11
WwEeLlLl HhEeLlLlOo TtHhEeRrEe =]