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I'm a grad student for Computer Engineering at Clemson University! I can't promise my activity, but I try to be friendly. Feel free to reach out :)
Video games, computers, anime, sports, music
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Rock, jazz, folk, classical, some rap (i'm getting there), not modern country.
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Oof, man, right now it's been starkid musicals.
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Posted on: January 1, 2016, at 11:31:04pm   [26 comments]
I'm back maybe

Best AAA: Club
Best BF: Gruntilda's Final Battle / Lawn Wake IV, i cleaned up my good BF's
Best Scores: Powerpoints 1-0-1-0, Turbo 11-1-2-2, Molto Vivace 20-1-1-8
Best FC: RATO 2.0, vROFL

AMA, I'm friendly fam
Posted on: March 27, 2015, at 02:41:08pm   [28 comments]
Comments here.

Hello! I'm D5... low d5...
Best AAA: Within Life
Best FC: vROFL; RATO 2.0x
Best SDGs (AKA All sdg's >= 66): Boot (5-0-0-1), Devilz Staircase (3-0-0-1), Epilogue (3-1-0-0), A FLOWER GARDEN (2-1-0-0), Zombie Killing, Blood Spilling (8-0-0-1), Buzzards (7-0-0-1), Gynan (2g), Wonder World v2 (9-0-0-1), Sonic the Hedgehog (Dubstep) (6g), You Goddamn Fish (9-0-0-2), All i wanna do is touch your powerpoints (5g)
Best Score: All i wanna do is touch your powerpoints (1-0-1-0)


Things to do good on:
•Fish Hell
•All i wanna do is touch your powerpoints
•Turbo >~<
Posted on: August 7, 2014, at 11:47:53pm   [3 comments]
Yes I'm back!

The quest to get better at jumpstreams has returned with Kayla's recent tourney sparking my engines!!! Who will be my competitor that will keep me trying when I think I'm done and lost?

None other than


TOXOPHILIS!!! woooooooo yeaaaaaaaaa wooooooooooo

Yep i'm gonna lose.
Posted on: March 9, 2014, at 04:02:19pm   [1 comment]

regretting this already....
Posted on: February 2, 2014, at 05:28:54pm   [10 comments]