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Well Hello there, The names Dan. I'm Currently top player here in the UK and 2nd in Europe, which means I'm pretty good at this game. I've been a member for 5 years now, but only really been active for about half that time. If you want to anything about me, just ask :)
Playing ffr, obviously :P Well I also enjoy listening to music ALOT (helps when you play ffr h0h0) and Im also play quite a bit on my xbox (my gamertag is MoDz CrAzEeZ, see my random thought for more info) My favorite games include the COD series (lol), Tekken, Forza, Halo and of course Crash bandicoot (although too bad most of his modern games suck balls)
Fav Music:
I like most things, but I like lots of music from the 80's (most of the electronic stuff is still good today) as well as some ffr artists such as Blitz Lunar (Chiptunegasms everywhere) and I like lots of video game music, especially most of the music from the professor Layton games.
Fav Movies:
To be honest, I don't watch that many movies, but I do have a few favorites such as Johnny English (original and Reborn, just a great pair of movies) Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva (because it has a great art style and plot) and Star Trek (The 2009 one or whenever it was) I don't really have a favourite movie.
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Posted on: May 13, 2012, at 06:20:20am   [1 comment]
Its on the cards, well sorta

Ill probably make a full return to the forums in about a month, but if you see me playing ffr, don't look surprised, This is the start of a return

Ill also mention what da eff ive been doing *cough real life cough*

Posted on: February 7, 2012, at 04:14:04pm   [1 comment]

Haven't a clue when Ill be back, hopefully some time in the next month or two.

The Quest for vROFL
Posted on: November 4, 2011, at 04:59:07pm   [3 comments]
Well since the 6th official is coming up, im gonna be recording each song in a Little mini video series called the Quest for vROFL

I will play both the D5 and D6 songs.
Round 1:
D5-Ambient Angels:AAA VIDEO:

Round 2:
D5-Romance in the club:2-0-0-0 VIDEO:

Round 3:
D5- 0 (Piano Version): AAA VIDEO: soon

Round 4:
D5- Halcyon - 17-1-0-9

I haz XboxZ
Posted on: October 1, 2011, at 02:39:44am   [3 comments]
While Ive been doing random stuff i have obtained a xbox, so if you wanna add me on xbox live you can
Gamertag: MoDz CrAzEeZ
If your from ffr, send me a message saying your from ffr (preferably your username so i know who you are) I play quite a few games, from COD to NFS, Assassins creed etc.

Posted on: March 9, 2011, at 03:51:13pm   [1 comment]
So i was playing pokemon platinum
and i faced dialga

and i caught it with my first ultra ball


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flipsta_lombax writes...
at 4:45:01pm on 6/11/18
Bro come back!
MarioNintendo writes...
at 4:43:16pm on 9/2/14
Are you gone forever?
The_Halomaster writes...
at 6:41:16pm on 8/19/14
Still playing?
Still in the UK xD?
Xonica writes...
at 12:52:41pm on 1/27/14
Xonica writes...
at 12:52:18pm on 1/27/14
End of the world?
Arkuski writes...
at 9:09:36am on 12/22/13
I'm from Portsmouth too!
SethColeman writes...
at 2:43:00pm on 10/19/13
ure eyebrows are floating mate
retching oesophagus writes...
at 9:20:55am on 3/10/13
when will you play ffr again?
bob bob writes...
at 3:42:33pm on 1/15/13
End of the world?
DarkManticoreX2 writes...
at 1:42:52pm on 1/10/13
End of the world?
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