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Posted on: August 12, 2012, at 01:55:25pm

This is where it gets Serious.

ROUND 6: The Gr8 8
Rock Rock Rock(t+pazolite remix)10-0-0-2

This really isn't too bad for a 84, bar the ending (c'est tres derp) The minijacks are cool and theres more JUMPSTREAM to enjoy/hate. Plus every single roll in the file is jumptrillable, so that's a bonus. Best run PA wise has been 4-0-1-1 (missed cuz bad)

THE OTHER FILES: AAA'd unless otherwise
Need you. Just felt a bit boring to me. Sure it was stepped fine but imo its too easy for d1. 5 people should people to do pretty decently on this song, if not all 8.

NEED YOU: Too easy for this late on. Chart is fine. Not much else to say.

WHO GIVE A ****: Someone, but that person is not me. Anyway chart's alright, can't really comment but it felt alright

CQ BOSS: Pretty cool, felt alot like nebula (also by rushjet1) and since I love that file, im gonna have to be obliged to say I love this file as well.

SPACEMAN: Diff is too high, aside from the first 400 or so notes the file is ez, was not expecting a heavily layered ending mind. Cool file.

EXTRATONE PIRATES (some guy's remix) didnt pass (lol, boo'd out) Funfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfun. Ending is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too difficult for me so I had to boo out. Definitely one of those files whether you'll do well on it or you won't. Ill play through the file again once i can do the ending.

ROUND 7: Final 5
UNTITLED3: This file IS doable for me, but until i get warmed up, im going nowhere with it. There are some pretty awkward parts to it that im gonna try and figure out.


Due to lots of things occurring in real life, i couldnt continue with the 7th round of the tournament. However, I am more than happy with the place i've come, and its been a good challenge against some good players.

As for who I want to win d5? My money's on Raged.