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Josemba writes at 7:42:54am on 8/22/19
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~ Ultimate Quest to #1 Daily GT ~
Posted on: May 12, 2014, at 07:24:00pm [9 comments]
I did it. Yes. Absolutely. From 1AM to 1AM the next day Sanzath (Martin <3) and I played VS Boss Battle, Extratone in a Perfect World & vRofl (only me) and it was simply epic. It is seriously a huge physical And mental challenge since you have to bear a constant pain for hours without losing focus on your timing for optimal scoring. I'd say someone with a better capacity to do a unique task without stopping and insane pain threshold could do at least 1.8 billion points by playing vRofl from beginning to end, but honestly I don't think that would be possible for me. I gave it my best and took as fewer breaks as I could (At one point I had to go downstairs and eat dinner because parents haha) but at least I used them smartly and ate/drank quickly, which gave me the energy I needed to keep going. I also greatly appreciated the support on Skype and in the forum thread (SHOUTOUTS to
Xeromus writes at 12:03:46am on 3/16/19
keep up the great work
1337h4xz0r writes at 10:50:33pm on 3/15/19
Who dis?
Gravity Kitten writes at 9:42:35pm on 3/15/19
keep up the great work
Rapta writes at 4:49:51am on 9/8/18
Nice job getting to D7
SoFast writes at 2:33:17am on 9/8/18
God has joined the server
Celirra writes at 4:02:41am on 12/11/16
First person to post on your wall.