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Posted on: July 1, 2020, at 06:03:06pm   [3 comments]
First round:

After about 7 tries, I was able to AAA the round 1 d7 chart.

And I also got some good rated scores on it.

great first round.

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Yyorshire writes at 6:43:05pm on 7/1/20
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suicidaln00b writes at 8:09:42pm on 6/30/20
powerful gamer name
rooting 4u in tourney
danredge writes at 11:32:12am on 6/25/20
Go Join the tourney or else n_n
Andrew WCY writes at 1:02:08am on 6/25/20
don't listen to them, go join the tourney or else
Tokoyami writes at 8:02:30pm on 6/24/20
u r bad dont join the tourney or else
Yyorshire writes at 7:48:08pm on 6/24/20
u r bad dont join the tourney or else