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I come from osu and that's still my primary rhythm game, though I'm marathoning a lot of FFR for this tournament. I'm 18 at college for a CS degree.
Touhou, osu, tanks, LoL, conventions, singing, martial arts
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CREST, DtE, FELT, Swing Holic, Unlucky Morpheus, Undead Corp, Yuuhei Satellite, anything sung by Cherose
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Posted on: November 29, 2013, at 01:30:53am   [3 comments]
By the way, Waltz in the Rain is too easy to be a 50. But I'll take my token :D

For my convenience.
Posted on: October 25, 2013, at 12:16:20am   [6 comments]
Round 1: Clouds from the East(AAA)

Hihi, so I've been placed division 1 for this tournament. I just played the first song and it was a lot easier than expected, wahaha. My consistency sucks so it was only a 2-1-0-0. I'm gonna go back to AAA it now but yeesh, I wish I could sightread AAA stuff. timing op pls nerf

Ugh, slow songs so hard. It took me like half an hour of playing to get the AAA ;_;. I tried playing it on higher rates, wishing I could submit that instead but eh, I got the damned score in the end, at least.

Random second day update: Man, AAAing on the first day kinda sucks wahaha. Now I'm stuck waiting around for the next round. I guess it's time for HARDCOAR TRAININGZZZ ({I dusted off my stepmania from my EHD. It's time!])

Round 2: bluebird (AAA)

Sight read was 4g but apparently, my practice paid off. I'm apparently significantly better at not getting stupid goods as this time, it only took two plays for the AAA. (Not 23, like the last round) Still, if difficulty scaling is linear... "orz

Round 3: Drizzling Rain (AAA)

You don't know how much I wanted that to be drizzly rain. Three goes for the AAA, still waiting for the fun maps :(

Round 4: Ame no Odoriko: (AAA)

Two proper runs, and a few to adjust offset. I'm borrowing someone's mech keyboard so now I can SMASH. Accuracy skillboost inc


Round 5: Dreadnought [Standard]: (AAA)
It was kinda unfair for the rest of my division, I already know and love this song ahaha. I'm starting a trend here, one try for offset, one proper run for the AAA. Does that mean round 6 will be sightread AAA? :O (20/4/3/2/1 actual attempts at the AAA) (By the way, for those of you reading this who play osu, I highly recommend the map of the same song, it's fun. I think it's Star stream's)

Oops, looked at levelranks. I lied, I counted restarts before and not recently so it's more like 4/5/4/3; not much of a pattern.
At any rate, I hope round 6 is touhou :D

Round 6: Pokemon battle imaging - No.3: (AAA)
Wow, good thing I've been grinding Waltz in the Rain so much lately. That's like exactly what this song was except a bit easier. It took 3 proper runs, though I somehow managed to get goods on the first note like 5 times in a row. That's offset adjustment x1 and 2 runs. 4/5/4/3/2 ... 1/0? :D

Round 7: Sleep Tight (Shit File): (3g)
I don't even want to AAA. There is so much wrong with this file:
Horrible sync at the beginning
Absolute shit 'song' that shouldn't even be considered such
And from a personal level, it has literally everything that I hate in a stepfile. I'd rather submit a score from an FGO that was actually a decent song with the same number of arrows.
Posted on: October 23, 2013, at 06:34:06am   [19 comments]