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Posted on: February 7, 2015, at 03:18:59pm   [0 comments]
This song seems really easy for a 64, compared to this PA, and i havent played barely at all for which seems like for ever >.>
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RagedBerserker writes at 8:21:16pm on 7/19/20
thanks bruv, stay safe and enjoy life
blindhollander writes at 9:49:23am on 7/18/20
the world sucks right now in 2020.
i just want to wish everyone that read's this to just stop and say.
thank you for existing. you count. you matter. even if you're a piece of shit. a broken clock is right twice a day, dont let it hold you there just enjoy what life you can while you still can :) stay safe everyone.
ehhblinkin writes at 3:50:36pm on 11/4/18
Hello! Interesting to see a message coming from this site haha
blindhollander writes at 7:08:40pm on 9/24/18
2,000 profile views..........Don't know if i should be proud of this or creeped out lol
Godnick writes at 3:52:50am on 9/21/18
Blind! Wb! Doing wonderful, awesome to see you still playing ffr, even if it's only every now and then. It is but you'll get right back into it pretty quickly, you got the muscle memory or something like that for it still! Hope to see you around more often, Hope your enjoying the year!
AngelPuppy25 writes at 11:38:52am on 8/20/18
WhErE hAvE yOu BeEn
Godnick writes at 7:45:47am on 3/7/18
:o ! Blind !
"The master blind, has returned!" :D
Welcome back! Are you ready to hash some smash?
Godnick writes at 3:30:58am on 1/25/18
Also a fellow lefty master for our new world order soon to come. (SHUT THE FUCK UP ASSWIPE!)
Godnick writes at 3:30:05am on 1/25/18
What is up around here my dear friend blindhollander. You are such a great guy and I hope you are doing fantastic.
gstarfire writes at 6:40:28pm on 8/8/16
Whered you go?