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DragonIIDX writes...
at 5:10:35pm on 3/21/18
Thanks! I don't even use my YouTube account anymore though and I haven't been active here for a few years now, but I appreciate the comment!
The Prince Of Punk writes...
at 4:20:33pm on 2/14/18
Sup yo! Sorry for the late comment back!
Tarlis writes...
at 8:18:12am on 2/28/16
Ok people, I've been doing a lot of step-file-making now where to put the link at. anyone.
Nu0n writes...
at 2:50:05pm on 12/18/12
hi to you too :D
justin_ator writes...
at 5:40:50pm on 2/6/12
That's why for the official FFR engine we only allow songs where the artist has expressed explicitly that we CAN put their music in the game.
Blinded No More writes...
at 9:01:51pm on 2/4/12
Thanks for adding me, but I have a question... what exactly is a konamidaotor? That's puzzled me since the day you were banned.
Blinded No More writes...
at 8:54:47pm on 1/29/12
Ah, it's been fine, Antoine, pretty much the same old same old. Right now we're just chilling out, Alan's posting some Bemani typos, and Chewi's still being a konamidaotor :P
justin_ator writes...
at 2:38:36pm on 8/9/11
Just noticed your question about songs in game, here is your answer.
Blinded No More writes...
at 6:48:32pm on 7/2/11
I've been here for about 4 months or so.
Blinded No More writes...
at 9:45:36pm on 6/29/11
Greetings from a fellow Zenius member!
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