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I think I know why my downloads are so high. The server is kind of unstable so any larger files kind of crash so people have to try and download them again >.>!
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Exile UVERworld SS501 DBSK Se7en Big Bang Rain M-Flo Teriyaki boyz Rip Slyme Gackt Malice Mizer Hyde L'Arc en ciel Abingdon Boys School T.M. Revolution
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GoPDemon writes...
at 7:50:13am on 1/11/12
2ne1fanavid101 writes...
at 5:29:55pm on 9/11/11
hello! just wanna ask where i can get/download your kpop simfiles? i really love kpop and .i want to play it on my stepmania. thank you
ahsopretty writes...
at 11:04:18am on 8/23/11
I have the same question like most of the people... where can I get you simfiles?
Would be nice to get an answer :)
GD15 writes...
at 7:42:08am on 8/18/11
HI. just want to ask if where can I get your simfiles? thanks.
IndoPr0 writes...
at 3:08:28am on 7/13/11
How i can get your simfiles? Thanks :)
daniaear writes...
at 9:50:03pm on 1/3/11
oh ok, thank you, i'll do that now.
daniaear writes...
at 7:38:19am on 1/3/11
hello there.
i'm lost here can you help me find my way?
a long time ago i used to be able to play your ffr songs without even registration.
but after the site was down and now back again, i can't find a way to play your simfiles.
i really like your songs, and really look forward to play them after the site is back on.
please guide me through this, i really miss playing your songs, especially se7en LaLaLa.
Kira8 writes...
at 3:46:45am on 11/24/10
Hi GoPDemon,
I am so surprise that you uploaded so much of the songs.
I really wantto dance Korean songs lately but I couldn't download the songs that you posted such as SNSD's song
Can you reuploaded it again. Please
Thankyou ^^
Kirakoda writes...
at 7:55:47pm on 11/20/09
The drama had a very nice ending! I just wish it wasn't so rushed...
GoPDemon writes...
at 9:30:37pm on 8/14/09
I thought I got emails when someone wrote on my wall ..!
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