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Dark Bahamut
FFR Player
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FFR Grandtotal:184,717,955
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Location:NRW, Germany
Last Activity:08-12-2014
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Member for: 13.96 years
Gaming Region:Europe
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About me:
I'm Daniel, but my nickname is Dark Bahamut. I'm from germany and i can't speak english very well ^^'' I like Pokemon and Digimon (If you have a problem with it, i don't care xP) I'm a good player (but i get little problems with the 16th notes in fast songs and if there are jumps in streamruns) and i can play some Keyboard-Simfiles (but i can't play ridiculous hard keyboard simfiles). I make simfiles (no KB Simfiles) and i am a one-hand-player (3 fingers).
Playing FFR/Stepmania, Heboris/Tetris The Grandmaster
Fav Music:
I like rock, techno, speedcore, hardcore and whatever i might like.
Fav Movies:
Pokemon Heroes and Digimon X-Evolution
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blackdragon233 writes...
at 6:58:11pm on 3/25/11
hey man what up it has been a long time how are you i am Bryan if i did not tell you
Sidek writes...
at 8:13:56pm on 3/15/11
were can get your simfiles ???
177 MaxX writes...
at 10:29:26am on 11/6/10
hey dark
ChaosUnown writes...
at 12:09:31am on 10/23/10
Hey man! Long time no see!
How are you doing?
Sonicfan0 writes...
at 10:16:44pm on 10/18/10
good to see my favorite uploader still on here any possible way you could zip all your songs in one folder and send me a link via megaupload, i missed a lot of your songs due to lack of interwebs
ChaosUnown writes...
at 9:24:31am on 12/5/09
I'm good as well. Thank you. ^_^
ChaosUnown writes...
at 10:30:58pm on 12/4/09
Hello, Dark Bahamut! How are you doing?
NFD writes...
at 4:06:31am on 12/1/09
Guten Tag! Ich heisse NFD, wie heisst du?
ddrfan998 writes...
at 6:22:50pm on 11/9/09
your simfiles are cool!
Tarlis writes...
at 8:53:07am on 9/17/09
finally got to as page of you on here, I wish you were in my little project called Myspace StepMix.
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