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Comment wall
Tarlis writes...
at 4:51:53pm on 11/23/09
Nice Name
dawfurby writes...
at 12:30:32pm on 9/12/09
Yeah, what saphira339 said. And this time, I actually had the song in perfect sync. And its not like YOU have ur sngs in sync either, newb
saphira339 writes...
at 9:42:43pm on 8/17/09
What the hell, man? What kind of comment is "That was terrible...never do this again"? Dude, you could at least tell me why, so I could improve! Besides, you know the steps go with the WORDS, right? Not the music!
Synthlight writes...
at 8:50:33am on 8/2/09
First person to post on your wall.