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Joined 11/7/15, 8:45 PM. First started playing FFR as a whole around July 2014, though. I'd lost a couple previous accounts due to not remembering the password. :P
Very avid language-learner. I know a fair bit of Spanish, some Portuguese and French via that Spanish. I wanna learn Arabic, German, Russian, and Japanese if possible, too. I've been playing rhythm games basically my whole life and the main ones have been Rock Band, Guitar Hero, this, and as of recently Dance Dance Revolution and Gitadora Drummania. I also love Animal Crossing.
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Rishloo, Children of Nova; mainly prog but it's been all over the place as of late.
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Doubutsu no Mori
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Posted on: July 1, 2020, at 03:45:54am   [3 comments]
Idea pretty much ripped from Etienne and Matthia's lil journals but I might as well!!!!!

I'm SUPER hyped for this year's tourney because A.) I'm Division 7, B.) I'm (hopefully) N O T gonna get absolutely DUNKED this time around by the first/second round songs, C.) I HAVE SO MUCH TIME TO GRIND AND I KNOW HOW TO STREAM NOW!!!!

So far this first round's giving me a taste of how spicy bmah can get, and how spicy the tourney as a whole can get. I suspect about round 3 or 4 max for me assuming there's no stream shenanigans going on. On that note that's what I gotta practice soooo... we'll figure it out along the way. :P

D1 - Jump Up, Super Star! (TLT Remix) {AAA} | This one desperately needs a heavy or standard chart. I couldn't tell what the chart was following most of the time, however I'll figure it out after listening to it a bit more. Really good remix, though! (Sorry if that sounded a bit mean, I'm not sure how else to word it >.<)

D2 - Darkside {AAA} | Lindsey Stirling's one of the artists that I completely forgot about and I'm so glad there's another song by her in the game. Shadows and Electric Daisy Violin were always ones I'd grind a long time ago and they were whole bops.

D3 - Rain [Astronaut] {AAA} | Another song that desperately needs a heavy, and hopefully it's coming because I vaguely remember something being said about that being in the works. It's also cool seeing more Monstercat stuff on here! The song itself isn't really too notable to me, sadly.

D4 - SAIKOU {AAA} | This is where stuff starts gettin spicy! Very colorful chart, very fun all around. I love color theoried charts because assuming the colors don't framefuck stuff, it serves for a very entertaining and engaging chart that I'd probably come back to every now and then even after I've AAA'd it. Also that ending 24th stream tho, :ok_hand:

D5 - RENDEZVOUS {AAA} | In all honesty I'm not a very big fan of these kinds of charts. The first bmah-ing of the tourney though, so that's exciting! But the swing mixed with "bursts" make for some very annoying grinds to AAA, at least for me. I'm glad I got it when I did. Also, to quote Matthia, "lul trill". But after fixing the score on this one, this one feels like the easiest to mess up on out of all the other songs. Championship has its minijack section with the ending, Fomalhaut has the entire song, but I always feel like I know what I'm doing in those two songs. This one felt like I could screw up at a n y point and it was so annoying while going for it.

D6 - kiss the sexy robot ultimate championship 201X!!! {AAA} | oooooohhhhh YEEEESSSS~ I saw this in the batch a few weeks ago and was very perplexed by the title but now that I've seen and played it for real, OH MY G O D I love this chart and I LOVE this song and this is probably my favourite chart/song in the tourney BY FAR SO FAR. The title, the music, the chart, it makes me so happy. It's got a little bit of everything in it; bursts, wackass minijack rhythms (you know the part), oh my GOOODDDDD it's so good and probably the only one I was happy grinding for.

D7 - Inferno of Fomalhaut {3-0-0-0} | bmah reaching into D7 this year... oh boi. There's yellow polys at the end followed by a very nasty set of jacks into hands to close out the song and those are my biggest roadblocks. All that aside it's a pretty fun song, dominated by 24th trills of all different kinds. Be them mini, One-handed, jump, or split. I sense I can low-SDG, maybe even blackflag this song with enough time but I don't count on me AAA'ing it.

D8 - G e n g a o z o {266-1-52-11} | D8 seems relatively plausible for me in the earlier rounds this time around. Albeit I'll still get dunked by the streams and gluts, but I at least feel like I have a slight idea on what I'm doing. I'll update this one once I play it tomorrow. Also I love how this is the only other spaced out song title in the game, after H a l o g e n.
Posted on: May 26, 2020, at 07:55:34pm   [0 comments]
Hey so today was just straight nuts. I started with a AAA on 44 Edit, went to 2-9 and kinda just went down the list from the 89's onward from there. I went to Sleepmix Strikes Back and did pretty well on it, and SDG from a non-FC. Same situation with Title (Double Dragon) but I remain FC'less, however have gained an SDG.

I decided to go "hey why tf not" as what happens with most of the days like this, and decided to play Love Hurts (Lonely Dance Mix) and got 1-2-0-0 on that. This led from there to me to try going for the 95+'s in hopes of an SDG or something along those lines to get me that small inch towards lvl 94. I donked hella hard on Japan Style Mashcore!!!, goofing up on the left arrow jacks 3/4 into the song cuz I wasn't paying attention. This, however, having just lost a booflag, made me realize I could do it. So I went for Rengoku-Purgatorium-, which was what did it for me. 94.84 equiv and lvl 94. I almost AAA'd it even, having made it to the ending but messing up on a part I usually hit; D7 and Derby would've been awesome.
0-0-1-1 was my final score.

Doesn't end there, though. A few hours pass, and I'm screwin around on different charts. Nothing much really comes out of this but I had to mow the lawn, which is where some ridiculous stuff happened afterward.

I come back in, I have "lawnmower hands" from 15 minutes of holding the mower handle with it goin BRRRRRRRRRRRR so it wasn't the best for playing but I figured "eh why not". I load up Bridgeport because I've been practicing that one and I AAA like... 2048 notes in. I donk at the section(tm) because duh but I hit some of it at the very least. This led me to try a few others.

15-0-2-0 on Husigi Usagi Milk Tei (AKA Powerpoints v2), and then I forgot who, but one of the people on the discord mentioned System Doctor to me, and I decided "ykw, why not???" because I've AAA'd up to the ending, about 1700 notes in many, many times before, and actually have some knowledge on how to do those split-trills having played oppIrish about 8 thousand times. I get 7-0-1-4 on the ending in iso, and figure "ok this is it."

Play-by-play is wack so I'mma just cut to the chase: 6-0-0-1 on System Doctor. 98.43 equiv. I AAA'd to the ending like I have many times before, but actually didn't get messed up by the ending. I then get 2 goods on Grist but that's where I'm going to stop because I'm just going to get angry from here on out.

I went from lvl 93 (borderline 94) to level 95 in the span of six hours, so today was ridiculous, and like I said at the very beginning of the year when I hit top 250, I'm making one when I break top 100 because I am #87 right now. I have no further goals other than just keep crackin at stuff. top 100 and division 7 were my last two big goals and now I get to be destroyed (maybe~) come OT13, so can't wait for then!
Posted on: April 20, 2020, at 01:09:46pm   [0 comments]
1.1 - Myriagon (65)
1.2 - Myriagon (65)
1.3 - Hey Hey Monkey (65)

Meme Rates:

3.5 - Fastest Pointer Finger in the West (doubletapping the jack)

10 - Town Theme 1 (WIP) or whatever it's called
Posted on: January 1, 2020, at 04:46:55pm   [0 comments]
I said I'd make one when I hit 250 when I hit 500, and somehow here we are today.

But DUUUUUUUUDE TODAY WAS WEIRD. I started off getting some insane casual AAA's on the low 80's songs, The Little Devil's Playground [Heavy], Eclipse (Luna), a couple others, so I figured I'd go into the harder stuff. I AAA'd Sunkui Tetsuingin (whatever it's called) pretty much first try of the day, 2nd FGO AAA.

I tried WE EAT AT FIVE FIVE FIVE (guys) sometime afterward and SDG'd it, having had 40-ish goods prior, and realized I could prolly go for 12 Bar Bloops (Having misremembered it at Mathsma Attack). I got an insane equiv, about 88/87 respectively on both songs, so I figured, let's go into the 90's today! I got 4 goods on No Reply, among a few other ridiculous scores and gonna be honest, SUPER wasn't expecting any of it today. Was supposed to be just a casual "Oh let's try Aleph-0 again today" thing and evolved into going up about 50 some-odd ranks to 228. Cuz I started today at 276 I think.

Regardless, here are the things I've accomplished in the time it's taken to get from 500 to 250.

Can go into the 80's
Can go into the 90's somewhat, on good days.
Scarhand unlock (Einstein-Rosen Bridge)
Several mid-80's AAA's
AAA'd Frictional Nevada (Honorary FGO)
1000 FC's
Started learning how to chart songs
Got more active in the forums
Started playin TWG
Started playin TCG

And so many more I can't remember. I don't really have any number goals besides prolly getting into the 100's, maybe even past top 100 some day.
Posted on: December 17, 2019, at 06:44:47pm   [1 comment]
My goal is to get to 10bil before 2020. Prolly not gonna happen but we're gonna see how close we can get! I've gotten 100mil in a day a few days in a row so as long as I do it almost every day, I can prolly get close to it.

12/17/19 | hit 9bil, got 100,460,665 today!
12/18/19 | 100,179,560 today, gettin there!
12/19/19 | Only 7,205,010 today, thumb started hurting when I was playing though so prolly for the best I don't try to play any.
12/20/19 | 122,870,135, made up for what I missed yesterday a lil bit.
12/21/19 | 30,832,880, gonna make up for it tomorrow. Should still be on-track to do what I wanna be doin though.
12/22/19 | 92,056,950, got some real good scores in MP with klimt tho so pretty nerl
12/23/19 | 74,720,250, I got some REALLY REALLY GOOD SCORES today though, so it more than makes up for it.
12/24/19 | 4,531,370, highkey don't feel like it's gonna happen but we can get close yea
12/25/19 | 40,933,460
Didn't do it however got some nutty stats 1/1/20.
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