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Top 100 and Division 7 What the Hell
Posted on: May 26, 2020, at 07:55:34pm

Hey so today was just straight nuts. I started with a AAA on 44 Edit, went to 2-9 and kinda just went down the list from the 89's onward from there. I went to Sleepmix Strikes Back and did pretty well on it, and SDG from a non-FC. Same situation with Title (Double Dragon) but I remain FC'less, however have gained an SDG.

I decided to go "hey why tf not" as what happens with most of the days like this, and decided to play Love Hurts (Lonely Dance Mix) and got 1-2-0-0 on that. This led from there to me to try going for the 95+'s in hopes of an SDG or something along those lines to get me that small inch towards lvl 94. I donked hella hard on Japan Style Mashcore!!!, goofing up on the left arrow jacks 3/4 into the song cuz I wasn't paying attention. This, however, having just lost a booflag, made me realize I could do it. So I went for Rengoku-Purgatorium-, which was what did it for me. 94.84 equiv and lvl 94. I almost AAA'd it even, having made it to the ending but messing up on a part I usually hit; D7 and Derby would've been awesome.
0-0-1-1 was my final score.

Doesn't end there, though. A few hours pass, and I'm screwin around on different charts. Nothing much really comes out of this but I had to mow the lawn, which is where some ridiculous stuff happened afterward.

I come back in, I have "lawnmower hands" from 15 minutes of holding the mower handle with it goin BRRRRRRRRRRRR so it wasn't the best for playing but I figured "eh why not". I load up Bridgeport because I've been practicing that one and I AAA like... 2048 notes in. I donk at the section(tm) because duh but I hit some of it at the very least. This led me to try a few others.

15-0-2-0 on Husigi Usagi Milk Tei (AKA Powerpoints v2), and then I forgot who, but one of the people on the discord mentioned System Doctor to me, and I decided "ykw, why not???" because I've AAA'd up to the ending, about 1700 notes in many, many times before, and actually have some knowledge on how to do those split-trills having played oppIrish about 8 thousand times. I get 7-0-1-4 on the ending in iso, and figure "ok this is it."

Play-by-play is wack so I'mma just cut to the chase: 6-0-0-1 on System Doctor. 98.43 equiv. I AAA'd to the ending like I have many times before, but actually didn't get messed up by the ending. I then get 2 goods on Grist but that's where I'm going to stop because I'm just going to get angry from here on out.

I went from lvl 93 (borderline 94) to level 95 in the span of six hours, so today was ridiculous, and like I said at the very beginning of the year when I hit top 250, I'm making one when I break top 100 because I am #87 right now. I have no further goals other than just keep crackin at stuff. top 100 and division 7 were my last two big goals and now I get to be destroyed (maybe~) come OT13, so can't wait for then!