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Road to 10bil
Posted on: December 17, 2019, at 06:44:47pm

My goal is to get to 10bil before 2020. Prolly not gonna happen but we're gonna see how close we can get! I've gotten 100mil in a day a few days in a row so as long as I do it almost every day, I can prolly get close to it.

12/17/19 | hit 9bil, got 100,460,665 today!
12/18/19 | 100,179,560 today, gettin there!
12/19/19 | Only 7,205,010 today, thumb started hurting when I was playing though so prolly for the best I don't try to play any.
12/20/19 | 122,870,135, made up for what I missed yesterday a lil bit.
12/21/19 | 30,832,880, gonna make up for it tomorrow. Should still be on-track to do what I wanna be doin though.
12/22/19 | 92,056,950, got some real good scores in MP with klimt tho so pretty nerl
12/23/19 | 74,720,250, I got some REALLY REALLY GOOD SCORES today though, so it more than makes up for it.
12/24/19 | 4,531,370, highkey don't feel like it's gonna happen but we can get close yea
12/25/19 | 40,933,460
Didn't do it however got some nutty stats 1/1/20.

  1. Good luck!