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TOP 250!!
Posted on: January 1, 2020, at 04:46:55pm

I said I'd make one when I hit 250 when I hit 500, and somehow here we are today.

But DUUUUUUUUDE TODAY WAS WEIRD. I started off getting some insane casual AAA's on the low 80's songs, The Little Devil's Playground [Heavy], Eclipse (Luna), a couple others, so I figured I'd go into the harder stuff. I AAA'd Sunkui Tetsuingin (whatever it's called) pretty much first try of the day, 2nd FGO AAA.

I tried WE EAT AT FIVE FIVE FIVE (guys) sometime afterward and SDG'd it, having had 40-ish goods prior, and realized I could prolly go for 12 Bar Bloops (Having misremembered it at Mathsma Attack). I got an insane equiv, about 88/87 respectively on both songs, so I figured, let's go into the 90's today! I got 4 goods on No Reply, among a few other ridiculous scores and gonna be honest, SUPER wasn't expecting any of it today. Was supposed to be just a casual "Oh let's try Aleph-0 again today" thing and evolved into going up about 50 some-odd ranks to 228. Cuz I started today at 276 I think.

Regardless, here are the things I've accomplished in the time it's taken to get from 500 to 250.

Can go into the 80's
Can go into the 90's somewhat, on good days.
Scarhand unlock (Einstein-Rosen Bridge)
Several mid-80's AAA's
AAA'd Frictional Nevada (Honorary FGO)
1000 FC's
Started learning how to chart songs
Got more active in the forums
Started playin TWG
Started playin TCG

And so many more I can't remember. I don't really have any number goals besides prolly getting into the 100's, maybe even past top 100 some day.