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I punched my computer after failing to pass a song on another rhythm game and broke it so you can consider me Tera v2. You can call me centipede or the guy who named himself after an impossible song. Discord: imaginations#4947 or just c e n t i p e d e on the server bye
Watching anime and looking at memes. No I don’t like dubstep that much anymore so don’t ask about it. I play other rhythm games like this but I don’t talk about them.
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SputnikOwns writes at 10:44:26am on 9/15/18
You've got a super low skill level for your actual skill so try playing My Catchy Lil Bassline (46), Psycho Soup (48), The Past (41), tetris (songstowearpaststo) (41), Pointless Fast Rap (41), and On the Origin of Species (53). Might get you close to Lvl 40 with these alone.
Drummerdude XXL writes at 10:04:54pm on 9/14/18
Helloo there, we played!