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Left...Arm...About to...Fall off
Posted on: July 27, 2007, at 02:32:52am   [0 comments]
Grr...I hate not being able to play 4 finger. I'm stuck playing 3 finger, so my left arm tires out from moving around so much. I squeezed out a 869 combo on Vertex Beta, but my left arm was on fire.

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badman7772 writes...
at 8:23:41pm on 12/1/13
Yeah it was definitely that. I retired for a while too. Played in one unofficial tournament for warm up, then 8th official, then MP tournament, then I tried my hand at 9th official. I'm done now. LOL!
badman7772 writes...
at 8:03:34pm on 12/1/13
Hmm. I see your name pop up and I seem to remember you from the "glory" 08-09 days.
Riotpolice writes...
at 12:26:42pm on 6/1/12
Your overall rank +1
EnR writes...
at 12:44:23am on 11/9/10
You got Pm!
kmay writes...
at 11:26:32pm on 11/5/10
yea idk what to tell you either... maybe try a differnt set up. helped me get a little boost
kmay writes...
at 11:15:00pm on 11/5/10
you still havent gotten your skill back? =[
bob bob writes...
at 2:32:31am on 10/27/10
I guess it was when ffr was down lol
bob bob writes...
at 4:33:08pm on 10/26/10
Hai ther!
~Zeta~ writes...
at 10:27:33am on 10/25/10
Having fun with Slaytronic?
krunkykai22 writes...
at 8:07:27am on 10/22/10
Or unless you have 10 minutes worth of your day that you just wanna waste listening to culture music ROFL XD
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