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Hello My Name Is Cloee, I Love Making Friends, My Favorite Thing In Life Is My Opinion's In Life, PetPeeve's are Dispicable, There Will Allways Be Someone With An Opinion But Agian Saying PetPeeves Are My Opinion, Add Me Or Message Me If You Just Want To Talk.
Living Life Without A Motoh.
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I Like Postcore,Poprock,Some Rap
Fav Movies:
Anything Really But Twilight I Didn't Like That Movie.
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best 1 by far :P
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Members Of The TryThe______ What Ever You Would Call It (BTW This isn't real :P)


Favorite Song At The Moment :)
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sukenoah writes...
at 6:05:45pm on 4/22/11
DDR_GOD_JAKE writes...
at 5:12:30pm on 3/9/11
miss me? :P
Praben writes...
at 2:28:32pm on 11/8/09
hey man i want my credits back! plz!
RMSProwler writes...
at 12:36:27am on 10/14/09
enjoy the gift
DDR_GOD_JAKE writes...
at 1:19:21pm on 10/10/09
heyyy remember meee :D but wow i got the most viewed video on FFR now...HOLY SHIT haha can you rate and comment it...look under my about me sections and click on DDR_GOD_JAKE's VIDEOS and then click on Panda Boy Jaykub. :D ppl dont like to rate and comment anymore :(
Praben writes...
at 1:48:03pm on 9/21/09
hey let me know when your on i wana play agian
vault101 writes...
at 6:19:23pm on 9/12/09
ah nice.
BoringJonn writes...
at 11:03:22am on 9/4/09
whats goood
TryTheWeed writes...
at 3:12:03pm on 8/23/09
also recruited TryTheAcid and TryTheFetus
TryTheWeed writes...
at 1:16:25pm on 8/23/09
TryThe recruited Incest yesterday hahaha
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