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I'm a Clone Hero player who wanted to learn some precision.
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Dolletta writes at 4:53:08pm on 7/20/22
Congrats on snagging the AAA for this round!
Toxicity783 writes at 9:50:52pm on 11/29/21
lol thanks. Almost all of my AAAs are on piss easy songs (I've done every song 11 and below), I only have 5 AAAs above 30.
And yeah, I'm very proud of how my profile turned out. The original background image is actually MASSIVE, I had to downscale the hell out of it to be under the 2MB limit. Here's the original:
NotSpiralingEnough writes at 2:57:35am on 11/29/21
cloun hiro man dtected!!!111!11!1!!!
To be serious though, you have lots of AAAs than me (mostly becuz im lazi lul), and that's very goddamn cool.
Also great profile page.
katanaeyegaming writes at 9:08:22am on 11/15/21
Eyy welcome to the FFR side of things :) Clone hero is awesome and a thing I need to play more of
Toxicity783 writes at 10:15:23pm on 11/14/21
It's definitely not healthy and it's borderline self harm, but it gets results and I'm winning rn so whatever
Toxicity783 writes at 10:04:15pm on 11/14/21
I did the same thing in the first two rounds of the tournament and in OT14, that's why I have 332 plays on Unshakable, 110 plays on Materialize Anything, 166 plays on The Prototype and 132 plays on Ska Cha Cha.
Toxicity783 writes at 9:59:08pm on 11/14/21
After almond got a blackflag on the song day 1, I don't really have any option but to get an AAA on this, so I've been playing it for 4-5 hours at a time with 0.1RG autofail until I get to the point where I can't even get past the first 10 notes and just pass out
LightLifeCheetah writes at 10:09:02am on 11/14/21
bruh what the why u have 116 plays on eternal excavation
_DJ Vinyl_ writes at 12:53:57am on 7/28/21
Hate to see you go yeah did not like Unshakable either or Mat Anything, great run tho. For you I'm giving it my all and AAA the round 4 song 5th try. Root for me it tourney trying to give killer the run for his money.
Toxicity783 writes at 11:36:18pm on 7/6/21
Thanks! in all honestly it's a decent bit below my current skill level, I've been grinding 60s recently. Still, definitely nice to get that out of the way real quick.