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My RB account
Posted on: December 23, 2007, at 06:03:38pm   [2 comments]
I've made an RB account for two reasons, one...this account is really slow for sum reason and
two...I've become part of the RB clan so if you can, comment, thumbs up, or friend request RB_Mapleleaf2102, my other account.

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NocturneAunamic writes...
at 12:03:52am on 6/3/13
Sweet! I've just received my free Riot Points!
>> <<
NocturneAunamic writes...
at 12:25:07pm on 2/18/11
BITCH. YOU SUCK. Sike you're me dude.
AngelKairi15 writes...
at 9:56:32pm on 4/20/09
awsome avatar
Tavarus writes...
at 11:16:25am on 5/2/08
hey whats up my names T.J.
gabgabo writes...
at 1:35:59pm on 4/19/08
Hey! If you want free stuff, just look at my random thoughts! Thanks
-xXo.oXx- writes...
at 5:01:24pm on 3/24/08
Aww, thanks for the birthday message. -Even though it was last year.
I haven't been on in a while.
anime13 writes...
at 6:24:41pm on 2/24/08
nice avatar
master chief101 writes...
at 4:07:43pm on 2/22/08
cool avtar
Simonjoe123 writes...
at 8:27:31pm on 2/10/08
gimmie a video of u plain gh
notanoobanymore writes...
at 11:52:11pm on 2/9/08
hey, thanks for the comment awhile back. I havent been on in a long time. I dont really care about my username :p I made it not knowing their was a profile part to FFR lol. seeya :p
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