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i lov games (KH FOREVER!!!!), very friendly,and lov playing sports
anything games, sports and anything would interest me
Fav Music:
any kind as long as its not country
Fav Movies:
I work at a theater, so honestly there are too many to list right now.
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badman7772 writes at 4:34:12pm on 1/18/16
HikamitheSoulReaper writes at 7:14:26am on 5/10/12
:3 yay :3
HikamitheSoulReaper writes at 7:18:00am on 5/9/12
lol...hai thar kiri!! ^~^
HikamitheSoulReaper writes at 10:58:01am on 5/7/12
lol that happens to me to...i think that some times cause im rarely but no prob..^~^
HikamitheSoulReaper writes at 10:33:17am on 5/1/12
like the profile!! ^~^
Little Lolita Chick writes at 7:50:43pm on 12/6/10
IKR and black star is really good too :)
matsuko toshiro writes at 10:45:43pm on 12/4/10
lol hi
Little Lolita Chick writes at 4:10:08pm on 12/4/10
REally nice profile!!!
matsuko toshiro writes at 11:45:21pm on 11/28/10
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