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Jagakon writes...
at 8:08:28pm on 9/28/14
What's up, braddah o/
**rockstar** writes...
at 6:00:02pm on 3/27/13
Hey!!! :D
^_^aki*rox^_^ writes...
at 6:13:08pm on 11/5/12
Awww! That picture is so cute XD Sorry I've been a way for a while! Any awesome adventures happen for you1!??! >;D AND!! Have you been following the massive war happening between I See Stars and Ronnie!!?!?
^_^aki*rox^_^ writes...
at 10:56:13pm on 10/10/12
Oh no.... D: I'm extremely sorry that Skrillex is the only thing that has been around you!! He fails hardcore!!! lol XD I think homemade stuff is better than him... lol You need to hear only the best >;D
Nero ~ Innocence
Camo & Krooked ~ Cryptkeeper
Rusko ~ Everyday(Netsky Remix)
<3333 you will fall in love with the amazingness that these songs will bring into your life :'D They changed mine in unknown ways!!!
^_^aki*rox^_^ writes...
at 2:18:38pm on 10/9/12
You know..... it totally just hit me!!!! People are destroying music here too!!! As we speak T_T And it goes by the familiar name of... dubstep O_O Lol, it's not all bad though :) In fact, the songs done by actual legit djs are amazing!! But so many freakin foos think they have the talent to make their own T_T .... they are horribly mistaken!!! Hahahaha Oh man... my one friend put animal noises into one of his songs.... Believe me... you would want to kill yourself before finishing the whole song!!!!
^_^aki*rox^_^ writes...
at 6:05:28am on 10/9/12
lol..... Shhhhhh we can't give them new ideas on how to fuse music XD Hahaha before you know it, they will try it! Hahahah XD And dude it is beyon the perfect day!!! Everything is decorated all creepy now ;D Hahahay parents put grave stone and webs all around their house XD lol I approve!!
^_^aki*rox^_^ writes...
at 9:12:43pm on 10/8/12
Hahaha I picture reggaeton playing in the background XD lmao!!! Yess you should totally just go anyways!!! And the day after is the greatest >:) If you're not still drunk from all of the partying, you have to go to the store to buy cheap candy!!! <3 *sigh* It's like pure heaven!!
^_^aki*rox^_^ writes...
at 8:26:36pm on 10/8/12
Ehhhh that's mainly for the younger foos XD lol You'd be considered a total creeper if you went over the age of 16.. But that's kk! For you see, once you hit 16, the parties begin >:) Bwhahahah!!!! I swear though! Everything changes to pumpkin flavor here XD hahaha
^_^aki*rox^_^ writes...
at 5:57:07am on 10/7/12
Oh man... I'm sorry but they are crazy! XD Haha Halloween is the perfect excuse to not only overload on cheesecake, but also get tons of candy and party >;D And make pumpkin flavored everythig! lol XD It's the way way of the epic! hhaha you need to celebrate it with me :D
^_^aki*rox^_^ writes...
at 6:25:03am on 10/6/12
ahhh I know right?!? :) It kills me that I can't go there every day! lol Yessss i am a fiend for sushi >:D Bwahaha! lol You know what else is amazing?!?! Pumpkin cheesecake <333
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