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I'm 19 years old, married, and already senile. ^-^ I'm also a proud pet owner.
Anime, Legend of Zelda, vampires, and books.
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Not country, hip-hop, or rap.
Fav Movies:
300, Interview With The Vampire, Queen of the Damned, and now Saw IV.
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I is sadded...
Posted on: December 10, 2007, at 02:24:33pm   [0 comments]
I feel alone. I have no one to talk to. Gods, I am depressed.

I reach out,
but no one's holding out their hand.
I cry out,
but no one's listening.
Can you feel my agony?
All of that pain I have bottled up inside?
Nothing can escape, I have no place to hide.
Can you feel my pain?
The weight crushing down on my chest,
feeling like I can only sink down,
way down
to my knees.
Can you feel my pain?
I'm on the floor,
writhing in agony.
No one can save me now.
I am beyond redemption.
No one can save me now.

I Have A Job!!! >.<
Posted on: November 1, 2007, at 08:29:26pm   [0 comments]
I finally got a job! I'm now working at the theatre that just opened up and I am excited! >.< I get to view movies for free and I get to be happiness... Ah... It pays minimum wage (which is 5.85) and all that jazz. Ah... It feels very nice to be employed. I just walked in and they hired me. Isn't that great? ^-^

La la la...
Posted on: October 30, 2007, at 04:52:07pm   [0 comments]
Even better than Clover is Trinity Blood. I told you I have an affinity for Vampires, right? Ah... The happiness of the profile. I love this profile. =^.^=

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_Ashuku writes...
at 11:17:51pm on 6/13/13
If for any reason you come back here, can you believe back then you were talkin to a little kid? xD
Izzy writes...
at 10:34:07am on 10/21/10
I really don't remember posting here 2 years ago.
FF_rules writes...
at 4:01:40pm on 8/15/08
Is that orichimaru?
_Ashuku writes...
at 2:56:46pm on 6/25/08
If you ever read this,hows life?
Izzy writes...
at 12:45:22am on 4/5/08
naame stealing.
sushigrlOOk writes...
at 6:16:33pm on 3/22/08
Oh hey!! i havent talk to you in a long time! :'D
sushigrlOOk writes...
at 2:09:57pm on 2/7/08
XxSoul_StealerxX writes...
at 10:28:06pm on 12/15/07
thanks! you're the best!
XxSoul_StealerxX writes...
at 10:38:34pm on 12/13/07
oh...i don't know where to get the DVDs T-T
XxSoul_StealerxX writes...
at 11:12:10pm on 12/11/07
who the hell is kiba?!
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