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My name is Tavarus but all my friends call me T.J. I party pretty much all the time when im not playing FFr or skating. I use to smoke pot but now i really don't anymore.
I like skateboarding. Thats pretty much all i do besides going to the movies with friends and playing ffr and ddr.
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Punk, Metal core, regge,rap,Got to love techno and trance, classical, Rock
Fav Movies:
The Texas Chainsaw massacre Jeepers Creepers And Grind, dawn of the dead, 28 weeks,28 days, Resident Evil 1, 2 , 3
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HerbalMagic writes...
at 3:30:28pm on 10/29/08
tore my acl skating on canada day(july 1st)
HerbalMagic writes...
at 3:28:36pm on 10/29/08
around my area, but im not able to skate for 6 months, im getting knee surgery
HerbalMagic writes...
at 3:23:18pm on 10/29/08
names chris! nice .. ppl laying in a field!
Superfreak04 writes...
at 10:19:34am on 10/25/08
I usually just go to my local skate park. I try to go to down town, but I usually cant. Plus you get yelled at for skating there.
Superfreak04 writes...
at 5:32:53pm on 10/23/08
Awesome man. :)
aichi_tetsugaku writes...
at 8:19:44am on 10/22/08
hey not much on this end.
Superfreak04 writes...
at 6:01:42pm on 8/13/08
Ah, I see, did you just go to a skate park or something?
Superfreak04 writes...
at 6:45:48pm on 8/8/08
Nice man, how was it? And good spots?
Superfreak04 writes...
at 3:40:46am on 8/2/08
Nothing much, just listening to music. How about yourself?
kim2302 writes...
at 1:48:39pm on 7/27/08
Thats good...i still have a week to go in my summer school *signs* its wasting my whole summer vacation. Ah well when i finally get out, I'll see if i can learn how to skateboard (I have an old skateboard in my basement that i bought 4 years ago. I havent used it in years since i bought it)
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