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ifeelit writes at 10:32:58am on 7/2/20
you're goddamn right. Lets get it. Hope alls been well brother.
ifeelit writes at 10:53:44am on 6/30/20
yoo. Its been a while. How ya been
Staiain writes at 5:02:42pm on 6/27/20
Probably eliminated first round, my hands are in such bad shape I'd likely struggle to move on two divisions lower
Pizza69 writes at 3:00:17pm on 4/23/20
thanks!! <3 i can't believe i finally got it!
Sylca writes at 10:29:35pm on 4/19/20
Glad I met u, always a pleasure playing with ya ^-^
Matthia writes at 2:03:20pm on 2/19/20
aww Thanks <3
PrawnSkunk writes at 1:15:29am on 8/18/19
Aaaa Thank you so much squid!! :')
V-Ormix writes at 10:26:14am on 6/23/19
u monster bacon
V-Ormix writes at 1:09:11am on 5/27/19
boi det clean as fook nice fc
V-Ormix writes at 6:35:37pm on 5/6/19
wot is tru koto atmo 8u