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FFR Chat guru of sorts. At the least I get the blame for it...
I know a bit of stuff
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Darkwave and Industrial mainly. Odd bands like Skinny Puppy and the like.
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Dune, Dark City, Donnie Darko, American Psycho, 28 Days Later, Constantine, Exorcist 3,
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Posted on: July 8, 2008, at 04:10:40pm   [17 comments]
Guys, its been lurking in the code basement for some time. SummerSchool just hooked it up so you guys can see it. We really need to test this as we would like to turn on the subscriber email again where we send out the extended stats.

In any case, go to

You will see a section down the right hand side with all the notifications available and your email address. Do make sure its a correct address before enabling it.

We are likely going to enable this for new users and let them disable at their leisure.

Check them please and give us feedback if you would. Hit this in the forum if you can ;)

testing profile changes
Posted on: June 27, 2008, at 07:05:21pm   [26 comments]
nothing huge, should be faster, thanks to SummerSchool.

Token layout change in profiles
Posted on: May 2, 2008, at 08:39:04pm   [21 comments]
Check the thread in the forums.

We want to get some insight and some ideas. Its not finished but this is a direction we are going.

Sending the responsible players in behind me ;) Yes, the flash isn't finished either (the flash music player).

More soon

yep, a new block for the newbs
Posted on: April 23, 2008, at 10:34:15pm   [72 comments]
Likely all of you have seen the new block on the front page. Good thing is, if you hate it, it can go away with a simple click.

We needed a way of telling new users what FFR is and helping dress things up a bit. Bemaniruler and Mald0n did us good ;)

What are your thoughts?

Still a lot of UI updates being tweaked.
Posted on: April 18, 2008, at 07:29:05pm   [21 comments]
SummerSchool and Mald0n have done a ton.

Likely tonight we will have a new set of menus for game pages.

If you guys see any more issues floating around, please give us a shout.

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irionman writes...
at 2:28:02am on 6/24/18
blast from the past
drizzleRomanceGirl writes...
at 8:13:42pm on 6/6/13
I know you've been inactive for years, but I love your avatar! ^.^
BLAZZE writes...
at 7:25:52pm on 10/7/11
KrimsonKrisy writes...
at 3:58:53pm on 2/26/11
well you're a cutie, would you care to get to know me a little better on fb? ;)!/profile.php?id=100000986995492
kid_merkury writes...
at 10:42:19am on 10/27/10
Adamaja456 writes...
at 2:24:12pm on 12/13/09
your presence is greatly missed by many of us<3
Sullyman2007 writes...
at 6:03:04pm on 11/13/09
I guess you aren't online much anymore. Hope all is well.
DarkEx0dus writes...
at 12:38:12pm on 10/25/09
Hey ,i just wanted to ask u if its possible to add a new Subscribing option
-To be able to get subscribe'd with Euros? D: cuz theres alot of european users wanting for this option. :I
poochieCREAM writes...
at 4:26:52pm on 10/24/09
hey jason
i think i love you?
-Fallen- writes...
at 5:51:31pm on 9/28/09
Anytime it would be nice to see you or Synthlight get on and help me reset my FFR Email/Partnerpage password, thanks.
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