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testing profile changes
Posted on: June 27, 2008, at 07:05:21pm

nothing huge, should be faster, thanks to SummerSchool.

  1. FIRST!

  2. P.S. Coolness!

  3. sweet

  4. Was wondering why profiles were down for a few minutes. :p

  5. That's what I was thinking, blue.

  6. cool.

  7. woo

  8. yay =D

  9. Thanks SummerSchool and Jason for telling us. XD

  10. 10th

  11. Summerschool has only ONE uppercase S >_>
    Anyways, YAYYY! Good job xD

  12. I can definitely feel the difference, so kudos to Summerschool.

  13. thanks

  14. I'm getting a smoother load as well as direct view of the picture at maximum resolution. :]
    Kudos to Summerschool.

  15. This is definitely faster. Many, many thanks. I'm very impatient.

  16. thank u jason :)

  17. Thanks.

  18. It's much faster compared to the 20 seconds it took to load before. Now it only takes 5!

  19. Summerschool owns

  20. Um, thank you Summerschool.

  21. Yes its faster....idk if its my internet or the changes but the skill tokens and tokens images appear more fast for sure.

  22. Returned slow !

  23. For some reason the profiles stop counting profile votes.

  24. Yea. I lost like 50 votes :(

  25. Voting has been fixed. No votes were lost, on the next vote it will update to the correct number.

  26. Alright, thanks.