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Posted on: July 8, 2008, at 04:10:40pm

Guys, its been lurking in the code basement for some time. SummerSchool just hooked it up so you guys can see it. We really need to test this as we would like to turn on the subscriber email again where we send out the extended stats.

In any case, go to

You will see a section down the right hand side with all the notifications available and your email address. Do make sure its a correct address before enabling it.

We are likely going to enable this for new users and let them disable at their leisure.

Check them please and give us feedback if you would. Hit this in the forum if you can ;)

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  17. Jason i been getting problem with notification you need to fix this please it won't let me update my profile anymore cause i change email so incase tass chnage password off profile it will let me know my password incase i need to check my email.