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Still a lot of UI updates being tweaked.
Posted on: April 18, 2008, at 07:29:05pm

SummerSchool and Mald0n have done a ton.

Likely tonight we will have a new set of menus for game pages.

If you guys see any more issues floating around, please give us a shout.

  1. UI updates?
    oh and how are u guys doing with the glitched scores that wont register. i know i have a score on Over The Frail Dream and Tasselfoot says it shows me having a score, but it just does not show up on my level rank.

  2. I will have to defer that to Tass, honestly.

  3. I like the subbie news on the main page.

  4. it would be really awesome if you could fix glitched scores i would really apreciate it.

  5. This all sounds yummy ^_^

  6. Nice new subby page thing :D

  7. haha this subscriber thing is pretty cool

  8. I like it :)

  9. For issues, the one I saw is that the header for the forum pages is really awful. Since it stretches across the page, There's a big gap between the gamer card and the ... banner? Other thing: Dance 2 songs should be added to the "S" list.
    PS: I really like the idea of this subscriber news.

  10. like it.

  11. NICE!

  12. "Since it stretches across the page, There's a big gap between the gamer card and the ... banner?"
    That's the intended look.

  13. Very cool new news thingy. Loves itz.

  14. I find it weird. I think it should be the same color as the light gray behind the banner or the blue of it. I don't know, maybe it is just me...

  15. oh baby.

  16. What are UI updates?
    Replays are still messed up.

  17. Subby updates on main page is epic. I love it.

  18. cant wait, i really like the subby updates on main pg :)

  19. Is this subscription news a new thing? I just subscribed.

  20. UI=?
    User interface?
    Good job on giving us a heads up of what's goin' 'round here. It's nice to know what's being worked on.

  21. not enough cow bell.