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Im The Most Booring Person In This Planet! D:
I luv Japan , And Asia n'stuff :D Marshmallow Holic* i admit it = =''
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Dj Sharpnel, Cornandbeans, Dj Shimamura, t+pazolite, TheGazettE, Utada Hikaru, Koda Kumi i could go on forever
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Ask Me =P
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kc_liveloud1993 writes...
at 5:00:44pm on 11/29/09
thanks for the comment :)
Wet Paper Bag writes...
at 6:08:26pm on 11/26/09
oh lol
Wet Paper Bag writes...
at 6:07:06pm on 11/26/09
oh, thats cool
i suck at ffr
Wet Paper Bag writes...
at 6:03:11pm on 11/26/09
ive only fc'ed 3 songs
Wet Paper Bag writes...
at 5:56:20pm on 11/26/09
wait until i get a system >=D
Wet Paper Bag writes...
at 5:49:18pm on 11/26/09
no..... my BEST killstreak is 36, i just got the 6 from running downing a hallway, firing the beret .50 cal like crazy
Wet Paper Bag writes...
at 5:45:29pm on 11/26/09
go to
they might have somthing there
also, of MW, i charge down hallways with the beret .50 cal and i fire like crazy. i got 6 killstreak doing that once IT WAS AWESOME
Hurleyisgod writes...
at 5:43:04pm on 11/26/09
thanks. i would give you an upvote, but i guess i already have =P thanks for the add also ^_^
Wet Paper Bag writes...
at 5:40:43pm on 11/26/09
i call it COD4 2
Wet Paper Bag writes...
at 5:39:51pm on 11/26/09
im not saying you arent, thats just my favorite gun, and i say that for everyone
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