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I need to put up something about me? CRAP!
Video games. Mmmm, tasty.
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I'll listen to almost everything except country & rap, but there are a few exceptions.
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Too lazy to list.
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Momoko_Katsura writes...
at 1:59:00am on 9/16/14
championanwar writes...
at 5:22:43pm on 6/13/11
No problem, best wishes!
championanwar writes...
at 11:42:11pm on 6/11/11
thebakaningen writes...
at 2:06:08am on 10/29/10
BankaI VillaIn88 writes...
at 12:51:25pm on 10/14/09
dude man when you told me zero was in the game i thought they were going to put mega man zero style zero but no they put the legendary zero in the game you sir are right it is amazing =D
BankaI VillaIn88 writes...
at 2:25:25am on 10/13/09
are you serious dude man he's gonna pwn all those noobs man i'm very exited that that game is actually coming to America xD
BankaI VillaIn88 writes...
at 5:11:28am on 10/4/09
i love your avatar Zero=Beast
ViperZer0 writes...
at 10:52:28pm on 9/15/09
Dude, am I still perma banned from Video chat?
I Am The Legend writes...
at 4:41:01pm on 8/21/09
how do you become a chat moderator
albaneenesk8r writes...
at 11:43:11pm on 8/20/09
unmute me. or ill hack your shit.
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