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Token layout change in profiles
Posted on: May 2, 2008, at 08:39:04pm

Check the thread in the forums.

We want to get some insight and some ideas. Its not finished but this is a direction we are going.

Sending the responsible players in behind me ;) Yes, the flash isn't finished either (the flash music player).

More soon

  1. ;o;o;o

  2. :)

  3. It's kinda wierd, but cool.

  4. Kinda ehh.. the background image is pretty distracting. Maybe filter it and make them darker a bit, hmmm? Its kinda neat though. o0

  5. Checking.

  6. i like it..needs work tho! u can only here like 4 tokens! I WANNA HERE THE SKILL TOKENS! (Color of Giggles is my jam yo!)

  7. Eh..
    It should be skill tokens intead. =/

  8. Instead*

  9. To be honest, I kinda don't like it. They clash with some profiles, if you know what I mean. Just to throw my view out.

  10. Interesting idea

  11. it looks a grenade went off on my profile

  12. Suggestion: Make the tokens play when you click on them, and don't clutter up the profile with lines and lines of flash players.

  13. The little square is the flash player. The rest isn't flash.

  14. Actually the flash players don't even appear till after the blue square is clicked. I just now realized that. I thought it was part of the flash.

  15. I really like it, but might you try linking the far left corner of it to the tokens song page?

  16. woah...

  17. I agree with wickedawesomeful's thoughts.
    Now, even, I don't really agree where this is going to go. Needs to be changed to something much simpler in a complexed code. ;)

  18. i dont like it at all. old token style please.

  19. wait why do we need to listen to songs that we can play whenever. is this to inspire the ppl that dont have the tokens?

  20. I say get rid of that, and add a section to where the user can choose 5 songs of his choice and have a mini flash music player :)

  21. 1. I agree with Magic, but make them FFR songs.
    2. If you're sticking with the new token layout:
    - Make the backgrounds a *tad* more opaque for easier readability please?
    - A bug popped up:
    - Still no way to reel the tokens back up (which would be nice)
    Like the look of it though.