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4k player since mid 2018. I play osu!mania, Etterna and now FFR
VSRGs, achievement hunting, gaming in general
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Don't have favourites, I like mostly everything
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Don't really watch movies :(
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mi40 writes at 4:09:40pm on 2/2/22
poggers so many aaa
alloyus writes at 5:05:42pm on 7/5/21
9 would actually give me more time :) sweet thank you
alloyus writes at 5:56:45pm on 7/4/21
hello again :eyes: it's kinda late, but would you be able to play our match next sunday around 8 or 9 pm your time?
klimtkiller writes at 2:51:33pm on 7/4/21
I wouldn’t say that at all xD. either way, I never played ffr at peak. last time I properly played ffr was last OT. I’ve improved significantly since then. pretty sure you’re d8. just gotta grind a little. your acc is really good.
klimtkiller writes at 1:56:32pm on 7/4/21
if im d8 so are u
Hakulyte writes at 4:55:39pm on 7/3/21
I'm not sure when, but I'm confident you'll hit D8 sooner or later. :)
klimtkiller writes at 4:30:29pm on 7/3/21
lol you thought you could avoid d8 by not getting scores hehe
alloyus writes at 5:05:09am on 6/15/21
ye your time :) alright, posting in thread
alloyus writes at 5:00:21pm on 6/14/21
are you good for 7??
alloyus writes at 12:43:08pm on 6/13/21
hey we should probably have our match soon for mp tourney, would you be available on wednesday?