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Dark_Chrysalis writes at 4:07:39am on 12/11/14
Great score on T&J, but your D5 already played this and has a better score. Get them to play something else so I can count it!
Riotpolice writes at 7:24:45pm on 12/7/14
Whoever the artist was, they are very good.
Riotpolice writes at 5:31:01am on 12/7/14
That Lucario is SICK.
BRZF writes at 2:02:01pm on 11/27/14
gold stinger writes at 5:59:49am on 11/23/14
procrastinated to a world of non-existance
Xtreme2252 writes at 6:39:32am on 11/12/14
Yeah, finally worked on this song. as focused on League of Legends this week. Finally got my ranked rewards completed for that now.
samurai7694 writes at 5:15:02pm on 11/10/14
I plan to keep it that way, unless more songs are added that are as hard if not harder than DP or RATO :s
klimtkiller writes at 5:14:58am on 11/7/14
(or someone who plays worse than they really are to get into a lower division so they can win)
klimtkiller writes at 5:14:14am on 11/7/14
someone who puts sand in bags
klimtkiller writes at 3:38:25pm on 11/6/14
lol are you a sandbagger or did you just skillboost a lot? :p