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I love being a girl because I love to shop, get nails done and do all of the girly things we do! I also love how while I can be a girly girl, I can also have fun and get down and dirty like the boys.
Doing covers of songs, making artwork, The beach/ocean (basically lived in it), driving around aimlessly, cold weather,playing the guitar (a lot less than usual nowadays) Hot Topic and Broadway At The Beach (Great memories, weirdest stories, best adventures). Hoodies,Cuddling, Classic Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network shows (Best part about being a 90s kid :D), Reading, MUSIC KEEPS ME SANE. Video games :3,Being front row and center at concert venues, photography a lot more now, Traveling, going out with my crowd, Singing, DDR[Heavy], Writing, Poetry, Drawing in ridiculous amounts xD, Gir, and Many more :3
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Dolletta writes at 12:37:44am on 4/26/17
*snickers quietly*
That About section is a gold mine. Nice job, man.
The_Halomaster writes at 4:15:14am on 9/21/14
I just like the name :D
MoonlightUsagi writes at 11:54:31pm on 6/28/14
Hello~ Saw you were on my friend's list, so I just wanted to ask what's up. :3 Which old Cartoon Network shows do you like?
ShadowDueler97 writes at 12:51:49pm on 6/4/14
Sorry, it's for a thing on here lol
ShadowDueler97 writes at 12:49:13pm on 6/4/14
Anime avatar
tapiocaxgurrl writes at 12:06:34am on 6/2/14
Hello!!! :) I'm glad to be friends with you! ;) You have AIM by the way? :) or twitter? :)
evil smoke writes at 2:08:16am on 5/11/14
Thanks for the friend request.
Ismellawetpilot writes at 2:39:54pm on 5/10/14
Thanks for the friend request, hope you have fun here :3
dragon890x writes at 12:01:31pm on 5/8/14
ShadowDueler97 writes at 10:07:33pm on 5/6/14
Oh hey there thanks for the friend invite