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Hello. I'm an engineering student from Brazil. I also write sci-fi and make music as a hobby:
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XelNya writes...
at 4:53:34pm on 4/22/14
The World Shifter is sitting at a maybe 5/6ths done? File's nuts.
XelNya writes...
at 4:14:24am on 3/26/14
It sounds like you went and remastered it so that was it wasn't so clicky sounding. I actually like this one more. It has the same feel and will probably sound better to most other people. It doesn't affect the file to change the MP3 so long as the BPM is exactly the same. (Which it sounds like.)
So I'll use which ever one you like better. (I still have the original.)
XelNya writes...
at 5:45:19am on 3/20/14
It'll take longer to get it past the batch than in game. Judges seem to think 3 / 10s on a file that's synced properly is acceptable. (Which according to their own guidelines is not the case.)
XelNya writes...
at 7:04:21pm on 3/19/14
I'm halfway through charting The World Shifter. You sir are a jerk for that jack I'm forced to use @50.116. :D
xAlphaWolf writes...
at 1:23:48pm on 2/22/14
também não odeio, só tem os problemas de nenhuma lei ser corretamente comprida e a corrupção, de resto é maneiro
xAlphaWolf writes...
at 1:16:56pm on 2/22/14
ah, mas tipo, o povo meio que " não dá uma foda " pra isso aqui, realmente a situação do nosso pais é precaria, mas o povo de fora não entende isso, então nao funciona muito publicar nesses tipos de forum
xAlphaWolf writes...
at 1:10:37pm on 2/22/14
desculpa, nada contra você.
mas o que vc acha que vai conseguir fazendo uma thread sobre o brazil num jogo de música quase morto?
Xiz writes...
at 4:56:35am on 8/14/13
Pssstt.... I might or might not be stepping your MPTI song. I'm gonna try to get it accepted for the hard batch. Wish me luck :P haha
axith writes...
at 10:51:56pm on 7/12/13
It's really only a 3rd of the way done. I've erased a couple sections of it, and haven't redone much that I did erase.
axith writes...
at 10:24:49pm on 7/12/13
Holy Jumptrillz Zaevod. I was trying to avoid those if I could, so I wan't messing with percussion. The file ended up feeling more like some older songs on ffr. Anyhow, best of luck in the batch. Sounds like it'll be judged soon.
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