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About me:
Okay, I'm a 21-year-old college student with amazing hobbies such has slightly having a life but not really. I most likely won't eat you unless you're noodles or a cheeseburger, or if you're like those people you pass by at the mall and you can smell them as they walk by, and they have some really fruity or vanilla-esque perfume on or something. I can't make any promises because I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't at least tempted to walk up and scratch n' sniff those people a few times.. Anyways, I'm a social caterpillar and my life pretty much revolves around rhythm games, cars, animals and Umbreon.
What don't I like? Wasabi. I don't like wasabi. Seriously, it's kind of not an acceptable taste whatsoever. If you like it we can't be friends I'm sorry.
Fav Music:
Parov Stelar, Bebo Best, Tape Five, Jennifer Thomas, Caravan Palace, S3RL, Trentemoeller, Bowling for Soup, Antiserum, Psychostick, Basshunter, Nero, Spaceman Carnage.. eh screw it, anything with a beat, swing or tune I can hum to and annoy everyone with.
Fav Movies:
Instructions Not Included, House, Supernatural, Doctor Who, That 70's Show, Star Wars, Godzirra, Bates Motel, SHARKNADO, Star Trek, Shutter Island, Oculus, horror movies upon horror movies.
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Posted on: September 29, 2014, at 07:00:35pm   [68 comments]
Posted on: April 6, 2014, at 01:06:28am   [9 comments]
I can see how it's convenient. Well I mean I can't, but I can. I don't like it. I want to like it, but I don't like it one bit. I don't like it if you didn't catch me the first time.

I'm gonna try it out though.
Posted on: December 6, 2013, at 02:20:40pm   [4 comments]
F-C Highest with a 0 boo count:
(67) Futsuu No Ota
(56) Fill me up with Snacky Happiness
(54) Rainbow Tylenol
(56) Who gives a F***

AAA Highest:
(34) Say it Right (Sanxion7 Remix)
(29) Wonder World!

BLACKFLAGS and SDG's AKA why I rage at this game:
Seriously God damnit nervous hands.
(41) Clockwork Gearman - BLACKFLAG
(37) Tetris - BLACKFLAG
(37) The Past - SDG
(34) Rainbow Road - SDG

Notes to self, and you. But mostly myself:
5/31/14: Hooray, 500 public FCs! Carpal Tunnel here I come.

9/03: Not to be cheeky but 1/3 public FCs has me feeling a little moist.
Not a whole lot, but a little.

9/22: The great debate between raising my FPS, switching engines, downloading a standalone or just throwing this laptop out of the window because of this horrid lag. Will I figure out what to do? Will Pikkon ever be recognized as an actual character? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z.

10/03: R^3 is lagging a lot so I switched back to the Velocity engine, seems to be working out so far.

10/13 - 10/15: Happiness is a full combo on a song you've been missing on for 3 weeks without keysmashing. 600 public FCs, hooray!