FFR’s 15th Official Tournament – Round 4

You can also check the 15th Official Tournament thread for more info

We’re closing in on the half-way point for the Official Tournament pretty darn quickly, and over half of players in the tournament have been eliminated to-date! Can you keep up with the increasing difficulties of these next few songs? Check them out below:

Division 2:
Mario Overworld (Super Mario Remix)
Musician: Smooth McGrooveBen Briggs
Step Artist: Psychotik
Song Length: 2:23
Song Style: Acapella Game Remix
Difficulty: 50
Arrow Count: 912

Division 3:
Musician: Silentroom
Step Artist: Velocity
Song Length: 2:27
Song Style: Twerk Bass
Difficulty: 60
Arrow Count: 1026

Division 4:
Shut Your Mouth
Musician: Attack Attack!
Step Artist: Skayles
Song Length: 2:44
Song Style: Electronicore
Difficulty: 72
Arrow Count: 1578

Division 5:
Musician: LeaF
Step Artist: Pizza69
Song Length: 2:08
Song Style: Festive IDM
Difficulty: 79
Arrow Count: 1426

Division 6:
Musician: Blitz Lunar
Step Artist: Skayles
Song Length: 2:27
Song Style: Starry Chiptune
Difficulty: 91
Arrow Count: 1509

Division 7:
Boxel Adventure
Musician: 7mai
Step Artist: Velocity
Song Length: 2:03
Song Style: Energetic Chiptune
Difficulty: 99
Arrow Count: 1759

Division 8:
Neko Nadetai
Musician: YMCK
Step Artist: hi19hi19
Song Length: 1:53
Song Style: Techno Pop
Difficulty: 108
Arrow Count: 1920

Extra Song:
Musician: EBIMAYO
Step Artist: Mipha
Song Length: 2:10
Song Style: Gooddonk
Difficulty: 80
Arrow Count: 1774

We’ve also released the new Event Tokens that will be available at the end of this tournament, as well as the end of the side-event happening alongside the Official Tournament, the Revenge of the Lost! Apologies for the extra-long post!

Your Smile
Musician: litmus*
Step Artist: Tru
Song Length: 2:20
Song Style: Funk House & Complextro
Difficulty: 65
Arrow Count: 1186

Kokeshi Cat Medley
Musician: Ino
Step Artist: Velocity
Song Length: 2:42
Song Style: Techno Pop
Difficulty: 84
Arrow Count: 1836

Mope Mope
Musician: LeaF
Step Artist: Tru
Song Length: 1:52
Song Style: Eroom Music
Difficulty: 94
Arrow Count: 1066

Musician: sHimaU
Step Artist: Ultimate Mike7
Song Length: 2:40
Song Style: Industrial Breakcore
Difficulty: 100
Arrow Count: 2085

gigadelic (Camellia’s “THE TERA” Remix) [10^12 Long ver.]
Musician: Camellia
Step Artist: gold stinger
Song Length: 5:31
Song Style: IIDX Remix
Difficulty: 0
Arrow Count: 4856

For those that have been eliminated from the Official Tournament, there is still an opportunity for you to win prizes. Check out our ongoing Revenge of the Lost event where you play files in the division below where you were placed in the OT. Read the rules carefully in the thread before participating and give it a shot if you can!

Quick reminder that the June/July 2022 batch will be closing soon on July 31st. Also, info on the new musicians for this week can be found below!

Smooth McGrooveSpotify | Bandcamp | YouTube | Twitch | Twitter | Facebook

7maiSoundCloud | Bandcamp | Twitter

EBIMAYOSpotify | SoundCloud | Bandcamp | YouTube | Twitter

- gold stinger, the Game Management Team, and the Community Managers

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