12th Official Tournament: Round 6

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on September 14th, 2019

Round 6 of the 12th Official Tournament has arrived! With it, we have also introduced a new token to be rewarded in a similar way as vRofl: Strangeprogram v0! This version of Strangeprogram is charted very literally, but also without restraint. This makes for a bit more of a palatable chart than Vertex Beta vRofl as a whole, but still features some ridiculous, generally unacceptable patterning and is complemented with some large walls, some of which get relatively close to 60 notes per second. Think of it as a more modern vRofl file, if you will.

D1: Rock Rock Rock
Perhaps a familiar song title to more experienced and veteran keysmashers, DJ Donna Summer’s Rock Rock Rock enters the fray for the top 8 of D1, by way of DossarLX ODI. While layering remains fairly minimal, pattern technicality ramps up sharply by tossing 64th note swing, mini-jacks, layering, trilling, and even some color manipulation to add ample distraction to our still remaining competitors.
D2: Suit Up (feat. Southpaw Swagger) [Heavy]
Continuing on the path of familiar songs to FFR, D2 receives a dose of hype via a harder version of Blue Stahli’s Suit Up (feat. Southpaw Swagger), which now enters the game as a [Heavy] difficulty chart. gameboy42690 opens the gates to D2′s first true experience of extremely aggressive jump usage, pushing constant streams of straight 16th note jumps that aptly emphasize the heaviness of the song. Between those harsh sections, players will also be tasked with handling speedier bursts.
D3: Altale
DarkZtar hits an impressive mark for the 12th Official Tournament, showing off his 10th chart in the event so far. D3′s top 5 will be decided with Sakuyzo’s Altale, the most technical file for the division yet. It’s got just about everything within it: a plentiful dispersion of colored notes, swing structure, 24th note and 32nd note streaming, and even a taste of some tough to balance polyrhythmic structures, on top of having a pretty varied structure in terms of patterning as well.
D4: Celestial Horizon
After a highly favorable first file to FFR via Sayonara Cosmonaut, TheToaphster returns with yet another well-polished chart: Celestial Horizon, a song composed by Helblinde-alias Fractal Dreamers. The chart doesn’t feature much in the way of highly technical patterning or anything too unorthodox compared to previous files, but what it does contain is a substantial amount of speed – forcing players to handle numerous instances of 200 BPM jumpstreaming sprints and extended sequences of varying densities and strain.
D5: Akasha
Veteran simfile artist ilikexd makes an initial appearance in the tournament with his likely-well-known-by-many-due-to-StepMania file for Xi’s Akasha. Like previous D5 files before it, Akasha is rather technical and features a fair mix of varying pattern structures – however, an additional piece is added to the puzzle: stamina. Akasha is a rather unrelenting chart that doesn’t give you a huge amount of time to breathe once it gets going, and even the “breaks” are filled with split-heavy and generally uncomfortable patterns that pose risk to decrease your score.
D6: A small journey that starts from a morning glow
bmah makes a repeat appearance in D6 with cosMo@BousouP’s A small journey that starts from a morning glow. Holding an aggressive average of over 14 NPS through the entirety of the chart and various breaks, the harder parts of this chart push players around with dense 218 BPM jumpstreams, pushy 12th note jacks/transitions, and even features a somewhat extended 24th note stream that is faster than D7′s earlier experience with Verse IV. This song clocks in respectably high on the infamous bmah scale, featuring numerous spikes that will give players a hard time.
D7: High-Priestess
Luxion’s High-Priestess carries an energy that needs to be managed appropriately with a chart that is equally as threatening and energetic. Thankfully, one of FFR’s most prolific simfile artists, cornman (hi19hi19) does it justice. Buffed from the original StepMania release, this chart opens out with some dense 196 BPM jumpstreaming that is interrupted with various sequences of chord-jacks and other uncomfortable patterning, giving players a moment to breathe before subjecting them to some of the most uncomfortable jack-oriented patterning into and out of layering likely seen on FFR, finally closing the chart out with sequences of 192 BPM 24th layered streams and 32nd note non-jumptrillable streaming (384 BPM streaming, weeee).
D8: Bolt Thrower in a Chinese Restaurant
The decade-old urban legend has become a reality and more specifically: D8′s nightmare. dev/null’s Bolt Thrower in a Chinese Restaurant, a collaboration made by two fine simfiling minds – samurai7694 and hi19hi19, is the first of three songs that aims to shatter the current FFR difficulty scale, pushing well beyond the confines of the 110-point cutoff. Running at 237 BPM for a good majority of the duration of the song, Bolt Thrower absolutely punishes D8 players with barrages of extremely difficult to read transitions, brutally fast bursts of hyper-varying quantizes, numerous mini-jacks and jump-jacks and in general, requiring absolutely unfathomable control. On top of it all, it features one of the most mindblockable introductions for a high level file in the entire game.

On top of the songs released for this round of the tournament, four additional bonus songs have been released. All four of them will be located in the Misc genre until they are moved and will have a difficulty of 0 until added.

Musician: Sakuzyo
Step Artist: DarkZtar
Song Length: 2:49

Does the Microwave Oven Dream of Electric Sheep
Musician: S.S.H.
Step Artist: DarkZtar
Song Length: 2:54

Musician: Reizoko Cj
Step Artist: gameboy42690
Song Length: 1:50

A Baptist Church in Georgia
Musician: The Flashbulb
Step Artist: Pizza69
Song Length: 2:06

Good luck, everyone!

- psychoangel691 & TC_Halogen

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  2. Prepared for Robotomy to get re-enabled

  3. bolt thrower mother fucking HYPE

  4. I vote that Division 4 is the best chart this tournament. SUPER fun.


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