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Song NamesSong StyleDate
Mirage Garden (Long Version)Progressive Fusion24-10-13
Shitsubou ChocoHappy Hardcore12-12-13
BEER!Comedy Rock31-12-13
Paraclete [Heavy]Sacred Art04-01-14
T&J "complete ver."Neoclassical Metal07-02-14
Bedtime StoryChiptune17-04-14
Een LijdenSymphonic Breakcore26-04-14
Resurrection SpellTouhou Remix26-04-14
Gourmet Na AitsuSwing Chiptune10-05-14
My Love Is A BulldozerBreakcore30-09-14
Tomorrow UntroddenModern Classical08-10-14
Exclusive UtopiaSymphonic Breakbeats22-10-14
MANIERAFrenetic Piano Duet22-10-14
We Met Dat NightClub Jazz29-10-14
Electric ButterflyHappy Hardcore29-10-14
Rengoku-Purgatorium-Ancient Anthem Core05-11-14
Run Run RunEpic Breakcore12-11-14
Lawn Wake IXDrill'n Bass12-11-14
ChronostasisDance Speed19-11-14
Serious ShitSpeedcore19-11-14
The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku -Theatrical Version-Intense J-Core19-11-14
Piano Sonata No. 16Classical14-12-14
You, beer.Cumbia01-01-15
Calamity FortuneHardcore Techno14-01-15
Shin sekaiEle Fusion11-03-15
(The title is) TOO LONG to write here.Happy Gabba14-04-15
Child Protective Services Theme Song [Heavy]Experimental Techno05-05-15
Fukyouwa Astral KaiProgressive19-05-15
R2Progressive Rock16-06-15
AnythingProgressive Metal11-08-15
Cirno's Perfect Math ClassJ-Core07-09-15
Guitars SuckExperimental Metal15-12-15
Guitars Still SuckExperimental Rock15-12-15
WE EAT AT FIVE FIVE FIVE (guys)8-bit Comedy14-03-16
Forbidden TracksAcoustic IDM27-03-16
koumen breakBreakcore18-04-16
Le carnaval des animaux, Movement no. 14 ''Finale"Classical Ensemble24-06-16
Unpause the HeatGame Music08-07-16
KanonMedieval IDM08-07-16
The Scales of StrangenessChiptune Rock15-07-16
Suicide PactHard Metal29-07-16
The Devil Plays Dance GamesBaroquecore05-08-16
Epileptic CrisisHard Breaks05-08-16
SlashmaidHard Rock07-10-16
Paraclete [Oni]Sacred Art14-10-16
Stupor of PeaceProgressive28-10-16
Ant IDMIDM06-11-16
RealHard Rock19-11-16
Major League Can CanMeme Medley14-12-16
AkashaHard Renaissance14-09-19
Child Protective Services Theme Song [Standard]Experimental Techno07-07-20
Exam Cram8-bit Dance04-08-20
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Untitled StepMania Pack
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Josemba writes...
at 8:18:04pm on 10/16/20
Gravity Kitten writes...
at 3:34:44pm on 10/15/20
dAnceguy117 writes...
at 8:12:44pm on 10/14/20
th-thanks, you too
Pizza69 writes...
at 2:01:26am on 10/14/20
dude i wish i knew, was creating an account here that i figured i'd use for a week max and just went with the first stupid thing that came to mind
Josemba writes...
at 2:13:19pm on 10/13/20
Ayer fui a comprar un papel para limpiarme las nalgas, el costo del papel era 1 dólar.
1 dólar (2020) = 447000 Bolívares
1 dólar (2010) = 4 bolívares
So, I payed for one toilet paper 111750 dollars ????
Karee456 writes...
at 3:41:26pm on 10/12/20
thanks for the dislike.
aurumjolteon writes...
at 1:15:21am on 10/5/20
no I despise eeveelutions why do you ask
Botnet writes...
at 9:05:25am on 9/29/20
Congrats on d4! keep up the good work friend :)
Trogdor!!!! writes...
at 4:28:32pm on 9/23/20
Thanks, good to be here
PixlSM writes...
at 3:29:41pm on 9/23/20
oragen guye smonk
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