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DarkZtar's Stepped Songs
Song NamesSong StyleDate
Intense Colors (FFR Edit)Nu Skool Breaks05-08-08
Imaginary SkyArtcore16-02-12
Since 1983Swing Rock14-07-12
Calling MarsHandz Up21-07-12
VelacielaProgressive Breaks19-08-12
To Make the End of BattleEpic VG Rock13-10-12
Lunar Eclipse - a nation of moon #6Instrumental17-11-12
Kirlian ShoresAcoustic IDM18-12-12
The Ordeal Becomes GreatEpic Swing Rock26-02-13
WaterfallPiano Contemporary11-05-13
OVERklockIndustrial Rock01-06-13
Girl DirectionsAlternative Metal20-07-13
Suit Up (feat. Southpaw Swagger) [Standard]Big Beat24-08-13
White EyesInstrumental15-09-13
Venus FireEpic Rock15-09-13
Hoot [AREIA Remix]K-Pop24-10-13
Song of Storms Dubstep Rap Remix Dubstep Rap04-01-14
Ray of MoonlightTrance12-04-14
Once Upon A DecemberPost Metal19-04-14
Ascension to HeavenArtcore03-05-14
Bird Sprite -Awakening of Light-Nu-NRG25-05-14
Gee [Areia Remix]K-Trance18-08-14
Candy Crack Curtain CallHappy Hardcore19-11-14
Palace of DestructionHard Rock15-12-14
Listen (Houkago Tea Time remix)J-Rock28-04-15
Across The OceanComplextro19-05-15
EndgameChiptune Club13-12-15
Azul (Remix)Artcore Breaks15-12-15
Back to the GateJ-Core21-12-15
Danse de RomaniFolk Dance23-12-15
Amber ShoresIDM22-07-16
All is fair in RageMoombahcore29-07-16
AmphisbaenaCrossover Orchestra29-07-16
Azure EmotionTrance05-08-16
Death MoonHard Techno07-10-16
Winter Night's Journey (Through the Storm)Power Metal28-10-16
Time Bomb (feat. Veela)Drum'n Bass03-12-16
Chaotic WHITEAtmospheric Drum'n Bass16-12-16
Crystalline WhiteTrance19-02-17
AgarthaProgressive Artcore26-02-17
Shades of GreenTrance06-03-17
Salieri's LaughterHard Metal19-08-17
MegalovaniaGame Ensemble30-09-17
WonderWingProgressive Artcore03-02-18
DedicationPiano Rock17-03-18
Rainbow ArchiverFusion Pop13-05-18
Welcome to My KastleVG Remix05-10-18
Dead AlusMetal22-11-18
StarboundChiptune Fusion27-01-19
Violent ArcadeChiptune Breakcore08-08-19
Ambient OopartsArtcore08-08-19
MachinesAlternative Metal08-08-19
Red TintDowntempo15-08-19
Eternal Peace Is Nothing But An IllusionJ-Rock Breakcore22-08-19
Verse IVHard Progressive29-08-19
DirtyHard Rock29-08-19
Blue Army V2Hard Techno30-08-19
8bit AdventurerKawaiicore05-09-19
Strangeprogram v0Gabba Extreme12-09-19
Does the Microwave Oven Dream of Electric SheepPower Metal12-09-19
Gate OpenerzJ-core19-09-19
Ra VariationenIDM Tech Breakcore20-09-19
-Ricochet Love-Drum'n Bass26-09-19
Cest WhatBroken Tek26-09-19
GlitchcraftDrum'n Bass26-09-19
LRenaissance Prayer01-10-19
LonginusHard Piano Artcore06-10-19
Hyper Weaboo Vodka Shots12-10-19
Comment wall
Poison- writes at 6:02:51pm on 8/20/19
Your files are so good. I wish I could step like you haha
Oberon47 writes at 1:32:44am on 8/18/19
Thanks for the Virtual Riot file, love it!!
Sanjixcon writes at 12:38:44am on 2/3/19
yeah ur files are pretty fucking awesome dude
icontrolyourworld writes at 11:26:21pm on 1/30/19
great files yo i love your stuff!!
AutotelicBrown writes at 1:26:36am on 3/4/18
I'll surely check it out when available in the batch engine!
AutotelicBrown writes at 6:30:44pm on 3/3/18
Damn, you made a file for Make Me Real. I love the song so I'm really curious to see how it turned out.
Hakulyte writes at 4:21:04am on 11/14/17
Can you tell me if the game runs better for you with 144 framerate instead of 60 ?
ormix writes at 3:27:14pm on 11/8/17
ormix writes at 4:07:47pm on 11/6/17
omg that bf on beyond the universe
V-Ormix writes at 9:00:02am on 8/20/17
twentseben tousanend