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Move It Groove It [Standard]Hip Hop19-02-13
Overdrive [aaronmusslewhite]Dubstep03-03-13
Alive (Pegboard Nerds Remix) [Standard]Dubstep29-10-14
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Random Thoughts
Posted on: October 28, 2014, at 02:44:28pm   [7 comments]
Thinking about bringin it back, dunno who to put on it. If anyone still visits my page and wants to be on it comment here :p
Posted on: May 30, 2013, at 09:03:11pm   [6 comments]
Yeah been gone for a bit so I figure I'd put a little update up. Don't know if anyone really cares but for those that might basically this is what's been up the past few months.

We moved out of Chicago because we just were not finding stable work out there to MD. We stayed with my aunt for about 5 weeks and moved into our townhome on May 10th. We both have a job that pays pretty well and are basically doing well overall. The other thing that I haven't mentioned on here is that I am pregnant with our second child and I mean I'm going to have the baby come the end of July. Hence the no meetup this year. I haven't said anything on FFR because I've seen how people talk around here but whatever if you wanna talk shit about it go right ahead. I work, I go to school, I support a place and I take care of my 2yr old. Speaking of school I just finished up another term and still holding my 4.0 GPA. I've finished up 60 credit hours in less than a year. My completed upcoming term will mark a full year that I've been in and I'm already into a Sophomore level a bit. So I'm pretty happy about that. Other than that I'm in the works of financing a car and just getting ready for our new baby.
Posted on: February 15, 2013, at 12:33:17pm   [3 comments]
There's been a lot of speculation and such as to my leaving so I figure maybe I should clear some of it up. Yes, there have been some incidents on FFR that have upset or frustrated me but that's not my main reason for leaving. I'm dealing with a lot of things in my own personal life right now that's bearing down on me really hard. It's affected how I've been able to handle other stresses (such as the things that come up here on ffr). My grades are even starting to slip for college from all this stuff which is really making me feel even worse because I was proud to know that I've been able to keep a 4.0 GPA. I'm pretty sure after this term I wont have that anymore. I just got an assignment back that I lost 15 points on, that's the most I've ever lost on anything thus far. I haven't been able to concentrate on things, nor just function normally. I need to break away from this place and work on fixing all the things that have gotten screwed up in my life. I did decide to stick around and finish the Official tournament because I felt it unfair to just dump the project after starting it and I do care about the people in this community whether you all believe that or not.

I should also note that I did remove most people from FFR from my facebook and skype, but it's nothing personal. I'm just trying to get my focus back on these things that I need to take care of. I do want to stay in touch with the community but I need to do it within a limit so I'm not tempted to stray away from what I need to do. I'm sure most people can attest that FFR is in fact an escape from the real world and a great way to procrastinate. Anyway, that's enough of my rambling. Feel free to leave me PMs on here I'll check from time to time and I am still here until the end of the tournament.
Posted on: February 4, 2013, at 01:19:30pm   [10 comments]
Removed all my titles myself. I decided to come back in hopes to actually make a difference, obviously that's not going to happen. Been fun FFR.
Posted on: September 2, 2012, at 07:26:26pm   [3 comments]
Comment wall
Kawaii025 writes at 12:29:17am on 12/13/14
Congrats! :D
Kawaii025 writes at 12:07:29am on 12/13/14
Almost a decade of your life has been spent on FFR. How do you feel?
Deidara837 writes at 11:11:38pm on 12/6/14
Quick question about your review of Cloud Nine, since it seemed kinda out of place. When you asked "Why is this jumpstream at 159.995", I got confused as my song is only ~112 seconds long. Can you clarify where, if that's what you still intended? Thanks~
DJzAIKz writes at 9:57:39am on 10/30/14
step Alive Pegboard Nerds Remix on TS i got perms :D
Nitrologyy writes at 11:20:18pm on 10/29/14
or simfile idk what it is lol
Nitrologyy writes at 11:20:00pm on 10/29/14
Love the new song, great stepfile!!
SuperNOVA Gian writes at 9:22:22pm on 10/28/14
Yeah, I get you, D5 is insane in this tournament, I got eliminated in round 3, very tough, its my first official in D5 so hope I can do best next time, I still cant AAA FMO's
SuperNOVA Gian writes at 2:49:16pm on 10/28/14
I miss seeing you in the tournament dashboard lol, I remember my first officials where we were both in the same divisions competing lol, passing by :)
Zapmeister writes at 6:28:46pm on 10/6/14
k thx. often when i get an "outlier" score i'll make a thread about it in the difficulty forum. i did this with streets, and the consensus was that it was somewhat over-rated, although nobody ever actually makes changes to songs rated below 66 anymore. but at least i can peacefully put away my roll of duct tape for use another day.
Zapmeister writes at 7:01:59pm on 10/5/14
did you get my pm