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it is a mystery
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addams family values
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samurai7694's Stepped Songs
Song NamesSong StyleDate
Romance in the Club feat. LiquidoElectro22-11-11
MakibaCutie Rave16-02-12
BetrayalExtreme Death Metal06-04-12
Pussy PumpEclectic Hip Hop22-01-13
Reaching for the FloorProgressive House27-04-13
Throwin' DownNu Metal18-05-13
We Killed The RaveUK Hardcore17-08-13
The Bird's Midair HeatstrokeIDM Concrete29-10-14
Tetris [Powerglove]Retro Metal19-12-14
MoonglowJazz'n Bass11-02-15
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Josemba writes at 7:06:09am on 2/17/15
_Zenith_ writes at 9:23:12pm on 2/11/15
xxXitsunexx writes at 7:47:36am on 1/10/15
Hey, I started playing Stepmania again!
... Only to find out I erased 1 year worth of skills.
TC_Halogen writes at 12:39:52pm on 1/9/15
Hateandhatred writes at 1:21:48am on 12/29/14
MarcusHawkins writes at 8:54:29pm on 12/20/14
Oh, yea! Including Metro too! (I forgot, sorry) This time, it's the final comment I make for this topic/discussion.
MarcusHawkins writes at 8:44:13pm on 12/20/14
btw, yes it's TOTALLY necessary for me to censor ALL of my swear/cuss words that are necessary to put in!! >:-)
MarcusHawkins writes at 8:38:46pm on 12/20/14
Hey man, are you going to AAA the rest of the songs on here (Including Serious S***, and Staple on Smile; excludind Death Piano, and RATO)
TheDiamondCrafter writes at 12:50:34pm on 12/14/14
Hey dude can you send me your .sm and music from the birds midair heatstroke? i want to play it on stepmania. :)
my email is
Toxophilis writes at 11:27:58am on 12/11/14