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Slowly stepping into a "normal life" and pretty much abandoning competitive play. Always on Discord for chat: Luigi#6391
Music analysis. The duality of man. Food. Traveling.
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Bolt Thrower in a Chinese Restaurant
Posted on: September 12, 2019, at 09:39:50pm   [4 comments]
It's here, ladies and gents! 2019 Edition. Post your salt, thoughts, concerns, hype, etc.

I review my own charts! (in 2019)
Posted on: August 8, 2019, at 06:42:09pm   [3 comments]

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MarcusHawkins writes...
at 5:46:45pm on 2/4/16
Yay, an update! :D
So sorry to hear about your stress and depression, though. :(
I hope things will eventually work out in the end!
Josemba writes...
at 1:48:28am on 2/4/16
Toxophilis writes...
at 8:18:34pm on 2/3/16
where did you come from where did you go
IwasAsquidOnce writes...
at 6:45:34pm on 2/3/16
rushyrulz writes...
at 5:30:50pm on 2/3/16
grats on those things at the same time
FFR Pro 21 writes...
at 5:03:06pm on 2/3/16
Hey, nice to see you back playing FFR :)
SoFast writes...
at 12:02:34pm on 2/3/16
he didn't unlock owa until now?!
Red Blaster writes...
at 11:29:24am on 2/3/16
Welcome back!
badman7772 writes...
at 11:22:52am on 2/3/16
you guys probably clicked into here thinking "he didn't unlock owa until now?!"
MarcusHawkins writes...
at 9:45:16pm on 12/26/15
Tier 6 when?
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