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it is a mystery
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addams family values
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Song NamesSong StyleDate
Romance in the Club feat. LiquidoElectro22-11-11
MakibaCutie Rave16-02-12
BetrayalExtreme Death Metal06-04-12
Pussy PumpEclectic Hip Hop22-01-13
Reaching for the FloorProgressive House27-04-13
Throwin' DownNu Metal18-05-13
We Killed The RaveUK Hardcore17-08-13
The Bird's Midair HeatstrokeIDM Concrete29-10-14
Tetris [Powerglove]Retro Metal19-12-14
MoonglowJazz'n Bass11-02-15
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Toxophilis writes at 2:06:50am on 8/22/15
cutie patootie
Hazelle writes at 1:48:41pm on 7/12/15
I am, thanks! Moving into the SO's place August first, yahoo! Also, got a new car :) How about you??
_Zenith_ writes at 10:51:01am on 6/26/15
hej <3
Mrowmrew writes at 12:32:50pm on 6/15/15
:3 Yiss.
ShadowDueler97 writes at 12:20:50am on 6/14/15
Hope everything goes alright!
samurai7694 writes at 8:35:43am on 6/11/15
I barely log on anymore. I say hello to those who wonder how I am, thanks for caring. Due to a lot of shitty things, I've come to the conclusion that I should go see a therapist and who knows what will happen from there. My new skype and facebook are private. My hands are fine and I can play rhythm games and piano perfectly. My hand technique was shit and straining caused wrist pain so now I don't strain anymore which means a skill drop overall but a sweet stamina boost. I still plan to livestream occasionally (my twitch name is dogwhiskersass).
Hazelle writes at 8:37:16am on 6/6/15
hai doge
hi19hi19 writes at 3:02:32am on 5/30/15
how u doin
Mrowmrew writes at 1:40:45pm on 5/28/15
Toxophilis writes at 10:47:40am on 5/4/15
with your mouth