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Posted on: May 5, 2014, at 12:11:56pm   [168 comments]
Hi (freedom of speech) (stream highlights) (SM/FFR livestream)
skype: dogwhiskersass (best way to contact me)
snapchat: samurai7694 (be as dirty as possible)
AIM: samurai7694 (I rarely use this anymore)
KIK: samurai7694 (I'm a mainstream faggot)

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Mrowmrew writes...
at 1:03:33am on 5/5/14
That makes enough sense. I'm still getting used to everything even though I've been playing for about 6 months. It started out as just a pass time for until I started Veterinary school but the competitive spirit got to me.
It is suffocating me.
With its talons.
Is so good you are feeling better! c:
Hazelle writes...
at 2:09:12pm on 5/4/14
I'd have all the ninetales, and some vulpix's too...and some rapidashes and ponyta's. Nbd. And arcanine's and gosh. All the firez. <3
Hazelle writes...
at 12:28:21am on 5/4/14
Aw thanks :D Yeah I think ninetales is the prettiest of pokemon <3
Hazelle writes...
at 12:19:05am on 5/4/14
Haha. I just got into biking - I'm hoping to run and bike daily/every other day. Keeps me away from food too :P I won't complain about cheat days though hehe
Hazelle writes...
at 12:04:56pm on 5/3/14
oh god that's rough. I'm sorry to hear! Glad you're better :D <3
lol yeah weight loss happens xD I gain it all back in like 2 days though :P Whatevs. I love food too much :3
Hazelle writes...
at 8:55:00am on 5/3/14
Haha you're silly <3
What's happenin' cap'n?? :D Summer here yet for you???
Mrowmrew writes...
at 11:33:31pm on 5/2/14
Good! And nothing specifically, although I'm paranoid I've played at least half of the songs listed but it says I hav 700 - 800 or so more to F-C.
Mrowmrew writes...
at 12:29:21pm on 5/2/14
This game is hard and I hate it. Save me sir samurai!
Mrowmrew writes...
at 10:09:35pm on 5/1/14
Poor thing, I'm so sorry to hear that! I hope you get well soon!
Mrowmrew writes...
at 9:34:38pm on 5/1/14
Aw! I'm sure you'll be better by then! Get plenty of rest and drink lots of water even if you throw it up.
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