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Song NamesSong StyleDate
{Rose}Symphonic Techno31-12-06
World of DreamsTrance04-02-07
Science Genius Girl (Robotkid's Lameboy Mix)Chiptronica11-02-07
Hardcore of the NorthHard Baroque26-01-07
Tsugaru 180 New VersionEthnicore31-01-07
Improvisation et ChienJazz25-02-07
That is FairBreak Beats15-02-07
Video Out AGarage Step16-03-07
Silence v2Trance28-02-07
Jurs OPPiano Concerto23-03-07
That Tethnic VibeAmbient01-04-07
BrightoneFuture Trance07-03-07
HELLBEAT v2Hardcore14-03-07
Roller Coaster RideHappy Techno14-03-07
My When Clones I Am Out ManySpooky08-04-07
Dazzling SoulSpeed Rave15-04-07
IDOL (Danpa with Posing Guys ver)J-Pop25-03-07
EternuSEpic Trance29-03-07
DivinityEpic Trance29-04-07
Excite BikeGame Noise20-05-07
Forza AzzuriRave08-05-07
Destiny v2Happy09-05-07
Piano Etude (Demon Fire) [Heavy]Classical15-05-07
Endless DreamHappy Pop29-06-07
Calm (Short 'n' Slow Mix)Ambient29-06-07
JulyHappy Pop04-07-07
party 4u "holy nite mix" v3Rave05-07-07
Prison BreakTechno27-07-07
lolharp5000Drum'n Bass14-07-07
Otaku Speedvibe [Heavy]Hardcore Gabba18-07-07
Otaku Speedvibe [Oni]Hardcore Gabba18-07-07
Incognito v2Techno24-07-07
Sail AwaYHappy Pop25-07-07
TrisectionHard Rock17-08-07
Hatten Carnival! v2Techno29-07-07
Melonman's OPDrum'n Rock30-07-07
Midnight DragonProgressive Metal20-10-07
Ice Candy PopHappy04-10-07
Ninja Turtles ThemeGame Remix02-12-07
Dragons BaneTech Breakbeats18-12-07
Legendary EtudeClassical Techno19-12-07
RealityExtreme Death Metal26-03-08
Metal Gear Solid Piano RemixGame Remix02-05-08
PowerInstrumental Rock15-05-08
Canon In WHEEClassical Remix05-08-08
Johto Wild Pokemon Battle RemixGame Remix05-08-08
Token WhoreTOKEN!!!01-09-08
TowerEpic Rock28-11-08
300 This is Sparta EXTENDED MixMeme Techno27-11-08
Fei LongerBig Beat14-12-08
NES-Style Eye of the Tiger8-bit18-01-09
Battle Squadron Menu (Juno Reaktor Mix)Game Remix15-08-09
St. Scarhand [Heavy]Hardcore Metal14-02-11
Let Me Be Your PirateElectro Funk03-10-11
Clash on the Big BridgeInstrumental VG Rock20-10-11
Night WalkerRock Waltz29-11-11
FREEDOM DiVEHappy Hardcore20-12-11
Nedeleg Laouen!Festive Instrumental20-12-11
Rudi the Techno PioneerRaggacore24-12-11
Rave 7Breakcore03-01-12
I Am RobotDubstep26-01-12
Tron From HellIndie Dance26-01-12
Entry of the Gladiators, Op.68Classical Fanfare16-03-12
Rainbow Road [Zorsy]Piano Remix12-04-12
Caprice for Violin in B minor Theme and VariationsViolin Solo04-05-12
Pitch Black (FFR Edit)Drum'n Bass02-06-12
Phi-dentity CrisisChiptune Extreme04-08-12
CQ BossChiptune11-08-12
RemindersInstrumental Rock22-09-12
Bloody TearsVG Rock14-03-13
dr1Drum Solo12-04-13
Return to FireMelodic Metalcore27-04-13
Negions FailDrum'n Bass07-06-13
Incident Zero8-bit07-06-13
THE LITTLE MERMAIDCrunkcore07-06-13
Bowser the ShredderVG Metal05-07-13
Rising Blue LightningMelodic Rock26-07-13
Great BattleshipHard Rock31-10-13
Japan Style Breakcore!!!Mashcore05-12-13
All your base are belong to MEMashcore05-12-13
Axel ManChiptune Remix31-03-14
Artificial RoseArtcore07-04-14
Etude for the SinnersClassical Techno14-05-14
Thunder LightMetal01-08-14
Full MastVG Rock Medley18-08-14
Caelumize [Standard]Neurocore26-08-14
Lexus CyanixsArtcore Breaks01-10-14
PandemoniumDissonant Etude01-10-14
Capoeira SundanceBrazilian Samba08-10-14
Be-Music PolyphonyFusion Jazz15-10-14
Senorita BonitaElectrorock22-10-14
Poison of the EarthDeathcore22-10-14
ArianrhodGothic Schranz05-11-14
Schur's TheoremPiano Algebra05-11-14
You TimeChiptune05-11-14
Staple on SmileDrillcore12-11-14
Quad QueensRenaissance19-11-14
The Labyrinth of SkadiChiptune19-11-14
Cheat CodesElectro19-12-14
Random Thoughts
Posted on: July 9, 2013, at 12:36:46am   [4 comments]
Games that I got a good ways into and wanted to finish, but never did. I will have to rectify this someday.

Jade Empire
Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines
The Witcher
Dark Souls
Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning
Divinity II Ego Draconis
Dragon Age 2
Age of Mythology
Pokemon Black 2
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2
Valkyrie Profile (A ending)
Brutal Legend
Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn
Skyrim (Civil War questline)
Mass Effect 3 (Renegade character)

Games I want to play...

Bioshock Infinite
Infinity Engine RPGs (Planescape: Torment, Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale)
Neverwinter Nights & Neverwinter Nights 2
Pokemon X
Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm
Dragon's Dogma (and its eventual sequel)
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Posted on: July 1, 2008, at 03:59:48pm   [56 comments]
I am the kind of person who likes to look over my work and see what I could have done better. Sometimes I write down my thoughts; when I did so for my FFR files I figured I might as well post them, and since then this post has somewhat taken on a life of its own.
I'm always surprised how many people actually read this monster of a post, not to mention the fact people actually check back to see if I've updated it. Curious, but I'm glad that this has taken off as a trend among people who have made lots of FFR files.
Introspection is a good thing.

------------ Thoughts On My Own Files ------------

{Rose} - My first FFR file and really my first release-ready file, to be honest. I had no idea what I was doing; maybe I got lucky that it turned out so well? This one seems to polarize people, they love it or they hate it. Me, I'm really proud of it despite its flaws. Of technical interest is copious amounts of copymirror, rudimentary use of pitch relevancy, and really, really BS 16ths in the beginning. The random pink arrow that kinda goes to the record scratch sound is in fact two frames off because I didn't know how to properly adjust the file to make up for the color change. That also, incidentally, means this is the first file in FFR to use color theory lol

World of Dreams - I liked the song so I stepped it. It's unfortunately rather boring, but I've heard of it being used as practice for jump transitions. I don't regret it being in FFR but it's not a favorite.

Science Genius Girl - The opening wait annoys me to no end and the song is kinda weird. It's one I have no idea why I stepped it and I'm not too proud of it really.

Hardcore of the North - It's cool that it's the one token that most people actually bother to get, but its resemblance to the ITG chart is sorta embarrassing. I really did start with a blank slate and step it myself, but it seems that there's really only one way to step this song, lol

Tsugaru 180 New Version - One of my favorite songs and favorite files. It's a pad file at heart, so indexers and pad players get the most kick out of it. I really like it. 12th note patterns are so much fun!

Anubis - For a while this was one of the only files on FFR to actually have hittable jacks. I'm very happy with most of this file. The one part that goes from pitch-relevant melody and degenerates into a 16th stream with jacks and 32nds in it is far less cool. I wish I could redo that part, but the rest is good.

Improvisation et Chien - Hilariously offsync but a cool song and one of the only songs of its type on FFR. I like it for its uniqueness, but from a file-making perspective it's pretty poor. If I had a chance to resync, I would, though the step placement and pitch-relevant patterns are perfect as far as I'm concerned. There was actually a bit of conflict over whether we had permission for this or not. Dog_E (Dissonance) gave blanket permission on a thread, but the thread was later locked and forgotten about. I submitted this, and he complained, saying he hadn't given permission. I had to dig through the locked threads for like half an hour to find where he gave permission, and in the end he just gave up pestering the admins about it. We still have blanket permission, I think :p

Let Me Be Your Pirate - Awesome song, decent steps for what the song offered me. It's not the best, but I have no regrets, really. I'm quite a fan of the song. This file was removed when DrugstoreCowboy had a falling-out with Synthlight. Though the terms of their little spat are still a bit of a mystery to me, I convinced Drugstore to restore permission for the file when I returned to the site in 2011. The terms were that he would give permission if I stepped a song for ThirdStyle... and he chose a BEAST of a song! I'm still stepping it, months later. But at least FFR has this file back.

That is Fair - The song had a ton of potential for nifty jacks and cool rolls to all the electronic sounds. I remember my v1 was awesome, but it was deemed too jacky for the old FFR build (curse you avemisses, curse youuuu!). This watered down version is actually quite lame, I really wish I could redo this! I used to play this file a ton as warmup (along with Brightone) before I outgrew this difficulty of file.

Video out A - Another vospi song, but I'm more proud of these steps than That is Fair. A bit overdone and sloppy in a few places but overall it's fun and it generally fits. I really like the song. I guess I would redo it given the chance. Both Video out A and That is Fair had some questions over permission. Vospi didn't want to have them used because they were just the right length and style for a DDR/ITG game, but he didn't communicate that well enough when initially giving his permission. So these files made it in, but now the permission is limited. I guess I got lucky!

Silence v2 - Far better than Arch's v1. A pity that so few find the token. It took a while to get those rhythms down; a lot of thanks go to Kit- for helping me nail them.

Jurs OP - I've been accused of stealing this file from Blurk a lot. I admit, I did use his syncing, which I guess is the hard part, but much like Hardcore of the North, I really did sit down with a blank slate and step if from scratch myself, but it just turned out similar. Sorry Blurk :x That said, it's a cool file. The whole thing flows very nicely. This is my first file to have really good pitch relevancy. World of Dreams showed a hint of PR, and Improv et Chien was PR'd, but there are some noticeable errors. This is the first FFR file I feel is really PR'd well.

That Tethnic Vibe - SUCH a good song that I felt I had to step it, but in hindsight there wasn't much potential for good steps unfortunately. The 32nds seem a bit BS in retrospect, but I feel no regrets because FFR does need more of this type of music. I was always looking for more of this style but there's just so little of it available for stepping. Re_Synthesis was working on another song for me, but after over a year of waiting and sending him occasional messages I gave up on him ever responding.

Brightone - Released specially for my birthday, at the time I was really proud of this one. It's not all that good but it flows really well which is why I was so excited by it at the time. In hindsight there are some BS arrows (the quiet middle part) and some missed potential, but hey, overall it's very fun. I remember Tass was such a bitch about one part; this file was basically when I started hating the review system.

HELLBEAT v2 - Better than v1. Took a while to get some of the rhythms in the drums right, a lot of thanks goes to Kit- for helping me! There's not much you can do with this song, but I feel like I've made a good file out of it. This has a very high rate of arrows per second, and it's not very hard to FC, so it's great for whoring points and credits, if that's your thing.

Roller Coaster Ride - At the time the trend was everyone fawning over stupid 16th stream files so I thought I'd make one too. It got released as a token and now nobody plays it, the end.

My When Clones I Am Out Many - Okay, what the hell was I thinking..? Terrible song choice in the first place, and my steps are just as confused as the song title. I would erase any trace of this from the site in a heartbeat.

Dazzling Soul - At the time I submitted this, I was certain it was my best file. I had asked Kit- to help me a lot with it, then she discovered Dazzling Destiny and started stepping it. We got into a friendly competition of sorts as to whose was better. When they were released, she won hands down (in retrospect, I can see why, hers is really good!) This song just doesn't have as much potential as Dazzling Destiny and I did a pretty bad job with the jumpstreams. A lot of people didn't like it, especially in the face of Dazzling Destiny, but a bunch of people seem to like it, too. Would I redo it? Probably, if I were allowed to. That said, it's by no means bad compared to some of the rest of the stuff on FFR.

Idol (Aniko is Pojinju Mix) - rofl 32nd rolls and Japanese lyrics. Generic as hell except for the rolls. There's also one totally BS green arrow I threw in there for variety (or something.) This was just practice for making mass-produced Rebirth-style sims to annoying Japanese songs, a form which I would perfect with my later masterpiece Kyuin.

EternuS - SUCH. A. GOOD. SONG. The steps are lame, but hey, there's not much else you can do with it. I released a version for SM which can be found on the database, but I dejacked it a bit for FFR and removed the crossovers. Remember this was still during the era of avemisses and indexers, and those were legitimate steps toward trying to make the file more popular. Mostly though, the steps are mostly an excuse to listen to the AMAZING SONG over and over and over... As a side note, the requirement to unlock this one is very cool. I'm glad Tass didn't screw that one up.

Divinity - So glad they put in the version with rolls. Apparently, the subscribers had a vote over whether to go with the one that's now in the game, or one of my toned-down and roll-less versions that Tass was favoring at the time. I think I had made four different versions of this file, not including the version I released to the simfile DB which has holds. In the end, this one turned out to be one of my better files. It's a ton of fun and everything is the way I want it. I still play it often.

Excite Bike - MEGA LOL. It's offsync, which is especially impressive considering the song length. The song is terrible, and yet it makes me all fuzzy inside to know this song tops the most played list day after day.

Forza Azzuri - This should have been a great file, but I don't think it is. Can't put my finger on it, but I guess it's not stepped enough for my tastes. I think I skimped too much, trying to make it newb friendly, when I really should have had more intense steps. I'm just not happy with it and would love the chance to redo it.

Destiny v2 - Better than the v1 dump but I not-so-secretly wish I could have gotten the version Shash played in his video onto FFR. The file itself is okay. About the best this song can give, but it's nothing to write home about. The song itself is pretty bland, too.

Piano Etude (Demon Fire) - Great song, sloppy steps. The jacks are really weirdly used, it's offsync as hell (holiday colored notes anyone?) and it's mostly just badly stepped. Would redo in a heartbeat. That said, it's surprisingly fun despite its obvious flaws, and I'm glad that it remains a good challenge even with the avemiss fix.

Endless Dream - 100% generic. I made this to be in the style of Rebirth and I think the results show I was successful: nobody plays it.

Calm (Short 'n' Slow Mix) - Very chill. The steps are okay. I actually managed to get them completely offsync in some parts, but shhh... I had to argue with Pyroshock over AIM for a while about the song itself; I forced him to tone down the bass which originally just overpowered everything else in the song.

July - This file waited almost half a year to get into the game (I stepped it like the day after I stepped {Rose} and it just sat in the queue, waiting for the 4th of July to roll around) It's a good file, really fun and has interesting indexable pitch relevancy. I am proud of this one. It's odd how I seem to be fonder of my early works than my recent ones!

Party 4 U v3 - The only v3 on the site, that's cool I guess. File is good. Much better than v2, that's for sure. It feels a bit under-stepped, much like Forza Azzuri. I guess it's because these types of songs have so much energy, but the steps wind up comparatively easy.

Prison Break - What was I thinking? Terrible steps and not too good of a song choice either. This one also waited a long time in the queue, I think I stepped it right after {Rose} along with July and some others. Honestly, I'd like to remove this one from the game.

lolharp5000 - It's not stepped perfectly (I had a lot of trouble syncing because when I lowered the music rate it just became a jumble of noise) but I like it. The jack to trill to roll is very cool. Personally I find the song interesting, and in general I'm happy with this one. I suppose I could redo the sync given the chance, but it's not bad.

Otaku Speedvibe [Heavy] - Watered down and lame. Okay steps I guess but really not all that great. I much prefer the [Oni] version; after all, a crazy speedcore song deserves crazy speedcore steps!

Otaku Speedvibe [Oni] - Much better. Has some good fast stream and very fun rolls. I'm annoyed so few people get to play it. The file was actually a pain in the butt with avemisses (I played it on Shash's account once or twice), but I imagine it's gotten a lot more fun with the fix. I wish I could play it again.

Incognito v2 - Honestly why is v1 even in the game? Then again this file isn't all that much better, just much easier and more sensible. The song isn't particularly conducive to good steps, I don't think. Not too proud of this one. I'd like to have it removed from the game, but I'd only remove it if v1 was removed too!

Sail AwaY - Generic. It beat out a whole ton of competing files, which makes me wonder how many ways there actually is to step this simple song. I put 16th streams in the chorus and they don't quite feel right... That's because they're all supposed to be 16th minijacks! If I could have gotten my version with jacks past the review, I'd love this file a whole lot more.

Trisection - Lame and hugely under-stepped. Needs a v2 with 150bpm jumpjacks and 24th jumpstream a la Yesssss's file. I was hoping to appeal to the Final Fantasy lovers on this site, but I guess nobody even realized this was from an FF game. Oh well. Someone please do this song justice.

Kyuin - Honestly I have no idea what possessed me to make this. Trust me when I say it was a painful to step as it is to play. The steps are actually very good and quite fun if you turn off the speakers, but man the song choice... I'm also annoyed that so few people get to play this. If it were public, I think I'd enjoy the increased attention the file would get.

Hatten Carnival! v2 - Somewhat fun. I was disappointed with the utterly random patterns in v1, and at least this version corrects that issue well. I think I may have messed up some of the rhythms in the start of the file, if I had a chance I'd gladly go back and double check that part for errors.

Melonman's OP - I put zero effort into this and I'm sure it shows. Someone else's file should have beaten mine out, I really don't know why mine was chosen. Also, the requirement to unlock it is quite stupid, but as far as I am concerned it's a blessing so few people have to deal with the poor steps.

Midnight Dragon - Semi copied from Patashu's file, but it's all good because I had to FFRize it and that's basically like making a new file. I find this to be one of my better files. There's a few patterns I'd change and a few BS colored notes in the piano runs that don't belong, but hey. The whole thing is really fun overall and as far as the song itself goes it's one of my favorite in the whole game. Another one where it's a pity so few people have the credits to unlock it.

Infernoplex - Another 16ths at 180bpm file. Very well stepped and fun, but a tad too generic to be anything noteworthy. I remember when I submitted it Shash was raving about how good it was, but people hardly even noticed when it was put into the game. Really the steps are quite nicely done but it's just too easy to pass this file by.

Ice Candy Pop - Pitch relevancy plastered all over a lame song choice. I like the song itself, but it really didn't need to be stepped. The steps are mediocre at best, because the song really didn't lend itself to pitch relevant stepping. Overall this whole thing feels like a mistake, and I'd like the chance to redo it or to remove it totally.

Ninja Turtles Theme - Uhhh w/e. No seriously, this song sucks and the file isn't much better.

Dragon's Bane - Purely technical stepping makes the difficulty fluctuate a lot within the file, but it's good. I find it fun, especially the climax :) The song is really cool, again, I love 12th based rhythms. Plus it all flows fairly well.

Legendary Etude - More climax theory at work! The beginning is boring, and I'm unhappy with the way the 48th grace notes fit in with the 16th triplet patterns at the end. But all in all this is one of my better files, which is odd because I really didn't put any thought into it when I was making it. The climax may be a bit too BS compared to the rest of the file, I guess I might choose to tone it down if I were given the chance.

Reality - Best Reality file out there? Getting the jumps to go with the "vocals" was a bit of a crapshoot but it felt right. The 16ths couldn't possibly flow better, they're some of the best stream patterns I've done (if that counts for anything). Perhaps the only thing this suffers from is being too easy! I'm really proud of this one despite not living up to how finger-grindingly hard I wanted it to be.

M.A.M.A. - The invigorating new idea behind these steps spices up what ranks among my worst song choices. I found the song randomly in the FFR simfile database and was thinking to myself, damn this is a boring generic Sharpnelmania song. I started stepping it anyway just to feel out how a file would be (I do this all the time) and I noticed the 16th stream melody at the start fit well as 3 arrow rolls. I just kept going with the same 3 notes afterwards for shits and giggles and at a certain point I realized like, haha this could be kinda funny troll file. I remember having a tough time convincing the judges to let this one in, Tass loved it but Jimerax hated it. Eventually I think Tass just went ahead and added it, because I'm not sure if Jimerax ever relented trying to prevent it. It turned out to be harder than I imagined, though overall the file is just fun for the novelty factor, plus trying out totally different key setups just for this song.

Metal Gear Solid Piano Remix - Something for the kiddies. Pitch relevant, too, I guess. There's not really much to say about this one.

Power - The easiest song on FFR. I liked the song and I found that the background chords would make for a fun, super easy file. Of course I could have made harder steps, but I like it this way.

Canon in WHEE - I stepped this on a whim. Obviously it had more potential, but I just wanted a nice easy little Canon cover for FFR to enjoy. I'm rather disappointed it's a Purchase song, now by the time the nubs have enough credits many have moved on from this difficulty.

Johto Wild Pokemon Battle Remix - I actually came across MasterJace's remixes on YouTube while looking for a remix of the R/B/Y bicycle theme. I asked for permission, and he responded promptly. Pretty much the next day I submitted this fun, easy file, and that was that. Similar to Canon, it's unfortunate that this is a Purchase song. Oh well. This too has more potential, especially in the places I stepped with gallops. There are a lot of sounds in those parts, and sometimes it was hard to pick just a few to keep the difficulty down.

Token Whore - So, dj tepples made this song like in 2003, before FFR tokens were a figment of anyone's imagination. Sometime late 2006, after I stepped {Rose}, I was just randomly browsing tepples's site and came across this song. For some reason, something possessed me to download it. Skip to late 2007, when Tokens were the new thing, having just come out. I heard this song in iTunes and was like, WOW, how hilarious of a coincidence! I submitted this file (as it is in the game now), and it was rejected, probably because of the lack of variation in the steps. I just kinda put the file in my "junk files" folder. Now, skip to 2008. I was just cleaning out my junk files folder when I came across this. I submitted it to the easy files batch unaltered, expecting it to be rejected again. Tass took an interest in it, because after a year of Tokens there really were some true Token Whores on the site! Shash and I thought up of all sorts of outlandish requirements: my personal favorite was to FC the entire Rock genre, in ascending difficulty order, without missing once. Then at the end, you have to win one gambling bet! The req that Tass wound up is utterly generic and really not that cool, so I'm disappointed about that. But that is the story of the Token Whore file, in its entirety.

Tower - Around this time I started putting more effort into making some easy songs. A lot of players tend to forget how limited the song choice is at the bottom - we were all beginners once! Many of the easy songs focused mostly on single steps so I made this mostly jumps to help the newcomers out. Plus it's AKHT! Damn good music so I had to find a way to get it in the game just on principle.

300 This is Sparta EXTENDED Mix - Lots of potential in this song with the vocal clips and different layers of sound. Yet my file turned out to mostly consist of repeats of the same rhythm. A ton of people submitted files for this song, I guess it's good that this file is in the game because I certainly wouldn't want something WORSE than this to have been accepted instead. Really not that good of a file though, I would redo it or remove it if I could.

Fei Longer - I like jackhammers. At the time, all of the reviewers did not. Of course this motivated me even more to try to get a song full of jacks into FFR. This was one of the songs where I heard it for the first time and I could just see the steps in my head. It's a great song with great beats (in places it reminds me of "We Interrupt This Program" by Coburn) and I did it justice. The steps to the percussion at the start are fun, and the jack section turned out to have enough variation to also be great. Basically everything about this is the way I wanted it, it's one of my best files. Bonus points for pointless green arrows to the "WA-TA!"

A - I had made a pad file for this a long time ago. Then we got permission and I said to myself, why not, let's submit this and troll the hell out of people who were hoping for the more well-known "A" by DJ Amuro. Generic song, generic file, but the trills are enjoyable.

NES-Style Eye of the Tiger - Cute little song. I stepped it with pitch relevance for extra Stepmania Professor points. It used to be near the top of the daily most played list all the time, but I guess it's lost its popularity over the years.

PianoCore - Very nice song and I love my steps. Good pitch relevance, fun rolls and trills and interesting rhythms. I argued a bit with Shash over the bass drum rolls in the quiet part, he kept hearing 24ths where they were clearly just 16ths. I think I wound up just putting the 24th roll in where he wanted after the 12th roll just to make him shut up about it. Everything else is exactly how I wanted it and this is one of my favorite of my files.

Battle Squadron Menu (Juno Reaktor Mix) - Repetitive song, repetitive steps. I think this was one of my earlier ones that sat around in my "to be submitted" folder for a long time, then sat around in the queue for a long time, and by the time it got released it was not as good as I thought it was when I made it. Honestly though that might not be the case because this file is so forgettable I almost don't remember stepping it. But apparently I did. Yeah.

Big Blue v2 - Collab with Shashakiro. My only file released in 2010 heh. Basically the thinking was that JX's Big Blue file was horribly overstepped and had some very uncomfortable patterns, so Shash and I wanted to make an easier version. We also halved the BPM so that the rhythms were a little more obvious from the colors. Overall, a very nice file. Possibly a little underlayered compared to how it ought to be (DukAmok's old SM file for this song is basically the gold standard as far as I am concerned) but we had to differentiate it a lot from the existing chart on FFR.

St. Scarhand - This song is the main reason I wanted to update this post. It has a lot of history. It started, of course, with Zagh's amazing Stepmania file, which introduced me to the song. When I realized FFR had gotten permission for this I tried to keep it secret because I knew Zagh's file was too intense to be accepted on FFR and I really wanted to step this myself. (AKIMO is like the side-project of the alias of one member of another band we had gotten blanket permission from or something convoluted like that - I asked the higher-ups in FFR and they confirmed we could use AKIMO songs too) I started with a clean slate and went through making perfectly pitch relevant streams to every section - I'm really proud of the streams and I actually feel they flow better than Zagh's. Then I added the necessary jumps and other bells and whistles that make a generic PR'd stream into a fun file. Then, life happened and I quit making files for FFR. I threw most of my unfinished files up on the forums, and dag12 jumped on the chance to finish this song. I had been helping him for a while with his files by providing feedback and stuff (I think he kind of idolized me a little, which is weird) and he was a really good stepper by that point so I was glad the project wound up in good hands.
Fast forward a few years and I get contacted on my various accounts across the interwebs (such as on Kongregate) by random people telling me that not only is FFR up and running again, but my St. Scarhand file finally got put in the game. Awesome! I went back to FFR but... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it was made into a token! Not only that, but a really BS skill token that requires playing, of all things, Reality to unlock, and only like 2 dozen people on the site will ever get the chance to play my file. Listen here FFR people: FUCK TOKENS. I want my files to be available for everyone to enjoy. I'm kinda pissed that this file is so exclusive but hey, what are you gonna do...
On the topic of the file itself: I really like some of the things dag12 did with the file and there are other parts I'm not so crazy about. First and foremost, he put hands in it. On principle I object to this because none of my previous files have had hands and I don't really like them, especially since some older keyboards have issues registering 3 keys pressed simultaneously and thus can't handle them. However, I do feel like the hands add some needed intensity to specific chords in the song that mere jumps can't provide, so I'm torn over whether I like the hands or not. Secondly, he added some more jumps (and hands) to the pitch relevant 16th streams, mostly coinciding with cymbal hits and big chords. Originally I had the jumpstream sections, then the pitch relevant 16th runs without jumps because the pitch relevance is so fun. The jumps take away part of this aesthetic. They do help even the difficulty out over the file, because unadorned 16ths are pretty easy, but that's not as important to me because I feel the fun factor suffers a bit. Lest it sound like I'm just complaining, dag12 added some more jumps in other places which I do feel were tastefully done, especially the quarter note jumps on the piano part which really do a lot better being highlighted like that.
In summary? My opinion doesn't really matter because basically nobody will get to play this file anyway. Seriously, fuck tokens.

Clash on the Big Bridge - FFR had permission from The Black Mages for a LONG time, but despite how obviously popular the band is, nobody ever stepped one of their songs. This is largely due to the terms of the permission: you can't cut their songs. At a hair under 4 minutes this is one of the shortest Black Mages songs, so that explains a lot. The file is quite fun overall; it's a good pitch relevant easy file with lots of interesting rhythms and patterns. The sync is not perfect and obviously many sounds are ignored, but I was trying to keep the difficulty mostly even. Originally added as a 5, I have a strong feeling this will eventually be bumped up to a 6 in difficulty. The length, the speed of some of the streams in the solos, and the ragebait jumpjacks at the end are all quite a lot for that low of a rating.

Night Walker - I originally stepped this way back around the beginning of 2008. It sat around without being submitted for a long time, and when I returned to the site it only took changing a handful of patterns and the addition of two arrows to get this file up to a 2011 standard. The streams are not perfectly synced but that is okay, as they flow excellently. Overall this is one of my favorite of my own files, and I'm glad it was used in the 6th Official Tournament.

CmR - Another one stepped in 2008 that I submitted when I returned to the site. This one took a lot more fixing up than Night Walker, as the PR had a lot of issues. When I submitted my fixes for this file, JX said they still weren't enough and made some sync changes of his own (nearly all the rainbow color arrows were his sync, not mine). Additionally, he never sent the file back for me to review. If he had, I would have picked up on the quite clearly missing gallops. These missing arrows were pointed out to me by YoshL almost immediately after the file was released and I'm a little embarrassed that the communication mix-up caused something that sloppy to get into the game, but what's done is done. It's still a very fun file and a nice relaxing song.

FREEDOM DiVE - Yet another file that was stepped in late 2008. I submitted this for the hard songs batch and it was the only one of my three submissions to be accepted. It didn't get particularly amazing reviews from the judges, but it got an excellent reception when it was released. I was very annoyed that this file was made into a token... and I was ESPECIALLY annoyed that it was made into an event token. FFR has a history of not following through with things, so I wouldn't be surprised at all if there was never an event again where this token was offered... that's just how it works I guess. The file itself is excellent. I put a lot of work into making the JS patterns flow well, and despite being one of the highest NPS files in the game it all feels quite smooth. Another fun file ruined by the token system, but I've honestly just come to expect that at this point.

Nedeleg Laouen! - FFR needed a Christmas themed song for the FFRmas event, so I stepped this. It's a fun file with lots of syncopated offbeat rhythms. Not much to say, it turned out fun. The name means "Happy Christmas!" in Breton, btw.

Rudi the Techno Pioneer - This song was shown to me by bluguerilla way back in 2008 (again) and I had been working on it on and off for years. I finally finished it early in December, and it fit extremely well with the FFRmas event. I asked JX to add it as part of the event and he agreed to allow the file to bypass the batch, which was extremely cool of him. Sadly, the file did not turn out as I intended. The main issue is that the 64th burst was supposed to be jumptrillable, but instead it converted as 1 [23] [14] [23] 4 which is just a fucking awful pattern. Additionally, once again one of my hard files got tokened, though this time the requirement was a nice, sensible one. And besides, considering the circumstances by which it was added I really have no right to complain about that.

Rave7 - Oh Rave7, my baby. Where to start... well, this is, once again, a song shown to me by bluguerilla in late 2008. This was around the time when Tasselfoot was indiscriminately shitting files such as RATO into the game because he could, so I was interested in the chance to get a retarded hard file of my own into FFR. I originally stepped this with 32nds in the streams (400 bpm 16ths) which was pretty utterly stupid to play (remember back then that 300 bpm 16ths were considered pretty extreme.)
Then I quit FFR and informally released this file for SM.
Fast forward to 2011, and 400 bpm 16ths are now in the realm of possibility for the best players, and as a result file is sort of making the rounds in SM as a good scoring file. After learning how to use DDReam, I decided that this file had a lot of potential, so I cleaned up the sync significantly. I submitted a version with 300 bpm streams to the DF custom tournament, but it was ruled by AJ and Kayla to be too extreme. I submitted that version to the FFR hard songs batch, and once again it was ruled too extreme (one wonders what the judges would have said about the 400 bpm stream version heh). Around this time I restepped it AGAIN from the ground up, and made 3 new charts for it- one with the original streams, the updated sync, but all-new layering in the breakcore section, one with 300 bpm streams and the new layering, and a much easier (VC by FFR standards) version with holds meant for SM. These three charts were accepted into the FFR 2011 Community Winter Pack, and I have to thank Gundam-Dude for his wisdom in not instinctively spazzing at the sight of 400 bpm streams.
A few weeks after getting the file accepted for that SM pack, the 6th Official Tournament was having a bit of a crisis. Specifically, D6 was having a tiebreaker in the 7th round, and there wasn't really anything suitable in the queue to use as a tiebreaker. I jumped on this chance to see if I could get a hard file into FFR, and miraculously after a few changes to the chart I had submitted to the Hard Songs Batch, AJ, Kayla and bmah agreed that Rave7 could go in FFR. After a little testing, it was determined to be harder than the originally planned round 8 file do i smile? and as such, would be used as the final round chart with do i smile? being moved to become the tiebreaker. After learning that Rave7 would go in, and as a PUBLIC FILE (wtf, hi19 getting a hard file into FFR without it becoming a token?) that COMPLETELY made up for the fact I had just been eliminated from D4 of the tournament. Needless to say, I was pretty happy that night.
On a related note, it was AAA'd less than a week after it was added... well okay, blackflagged, considering Dossar is more a machine than a player.
And yeah, that's the story of Rave7. I'm done with this chart now but it's always going to be as much of a part of my "stepman history" as my classic SM Destiny file, just because of how much I've done with this song.

------------ July 2013 Update ------------

I Am Robot - One of three files by me that were specially released in a promotion for Low Pass Records, alongside two files by wc and one by Halogen.
Basically for this promotion, certain stepartists were sent zip files containing specially cut versions of nearly every song on the first 3 LPs. We had to keep the files very easy and make them quickly, and they were reviewed by a small group of judges (jimerax and bmah I believe)
Despite the fact that all the files were technically sound, easy, and reviewed by judges, a couple people (*coughKayla*) got very bitchy about the fact that the files were submitted outside of the normal batch procedure. Certain *cough* people also got extra bitchy because I already had many files in the game and thus it wasn't "fair" that I was asked to do this promotion. Whatever. Bitches gonna bitch.
As for the file itself, I worked with what I had. The beginning is a little boring due to lack of steppable sounds. After the drop it picks up, the 12ths in the wubs are cool. Overall not amazing but not bad, a solid easy file.

Reaper - Confession, I made this file in like 5 minutes. I tried way too hard to keep it easy because there was no sub-5 difficulty file for the promotion and we needed one. As a result the jump layering is really bad. Technically it's a mess but nobody playing this level of file will really care, overall it's good that it's in the game as it appeals to the dubstep crowd and might get new players as a result.

Tron From Hell - The last of the Low Pass Records special release files that I made. Probably the best of the three, the song has really cool juxtaposition between 16th and 12th rhythms and the file does it justice. As far as I'm considered this is an example of a nice easy file: cool rhythms, consistent energy, no major difficulty spikes.

Entry of the Gladiators, Op.68 - I love this song. Nobody knows the real name of it, to most people this is just the "circus song" or "clown song" but it turns out it has an incredibly badass name. The song was a total bitch to sync, although it doesn't feel like it, basically every note had a BPM change. Making this file was my second or third time using DDReam and I wouldn't have been able to make the file without that program. As for the file itself, it's got some fun bits and is a great introduction to oddly-framered jacks. It has its place in the game, no regrets.

Rainbow Road - I contacted Zorsy (a YouTube pianist that I like) for permission, turns out he used to play FFR a lot. He was really enthusiastic about me stepping his stuff and promised to promote FFR on his channel once the song got in the game. I decided on this song to step. I knew I would be a major challenge to sync but I wanted to learn how to do this kind of syncing, so this file marks my first time using DDReam. I fell in love with DDReam as a result. Zorsy was kind enough to send me the sheet music he used to play the song, which helps way more than you’d think when syncing a song such as this. The ending took a while because I was so inexperienced with DDReam, but it turned out nicely. There are a few minor layering errors but overall this is a cool file. In the end, it took almost a year between me contacting Zorsy and the file being released and as a result I think Zorsy forgot about his promise, I messaged him on Youtube that the file was released but he didn’t promote it. Sad day 

Caprice for Violin in B minor Theme and Variations – I wanted more non-piano classical solo songs on FFR. Songs such as Paganini’s Caprice always were fun to play along to, so I looked for something that I could step that was similar to it. In the end this file is not really what I wanted. I agree with the judges that this should have been two different files. The difficulty of the last half, especially the trill section, is pretty extreme compared to the first half. The file was an experiment and while it’s not perfect, I have a soft spot for this file just because of the song.

Pitch Black (FFR Edit) - Stepped it for mah bro championanwar. Anwar was really receptive to me during the file-making process; he cut the song in specific ways for me and re-balanced some of the audio levels so that certain instruments stood out more. As a result the song was pretty ideally suited for how I step and the file turned out great. It’s kind of lost in the sea of 70-something difficulty drum ‘n bass/breakcore files, but it is technically sound and I am quite fond of the file.

Phi-dentity Crisis - I was looking for a really challenging song to step and as a result naturally wound up listening to Blitz Lunar. I was on AIM with bmah at the time I came across this song, and while I had heard it before I never really thought to step it. I mentioned the song to bmah and he straight up said he had heard it before too and didn't think anyone could sync and step it. I took that as a challenge. It took about 4 hours to sync, most of which was spent trying to determine what the hell should even be the downbeat (try clapping along to the song, it’s actually not easy). I had a little bit of help from wc for the big 8ths speedup, shoutouts to him. I made four versions of the file, ranging from “STEP EVERYTHING HARD PAIN FILE” to “merely hard” and used the two hardest in my tournament. I then took the third hardest and, after revising it a bit based on the feedback on the harder versions from my tournament, sent it in to FFR. I still have the fourth, super-easy version lying around but it’s kind of boring. Doesn’t do the song justice. Overall this file is super difficulty-spiky, has a lot of really awkward one-handed patterns, and is far harder to score on than it looks. I am fond of it for its uniqueness, difficulty and the technical achievement it represents. That said it’s awkward as balls to actually play.

CQ Boss - Another song from my tournament. The version in FFR was in fact the original version of the file as I had stepped it, I over-layered the file for the version I used in my tournament and sent this more practical version in to FFR. I really like this file. Fun fact, this song is actually a cover of the Crystal Quest Boss Theme composed by Virt, hence the name. In my opinion the original song is actually significantly more awesome than this cover, paste this into a youtube video URL: 7qQ9m2NyLEQ and give it a listen.

Reminders - The artist posted this song on the forums and like a billion people were interested in stepping it. I stepped it and yeah. Lots of 12ths and pitch relevancy and layering theory. There are a few missed polyrhythms that I could have thrown in, but the ones that I did put in actually are kind of awkward and I feel I shouldn’t have put any in at all. Wound up pretty generic but got good reviews then everyone forgot about it.

Bloody Tears - Used as the D3 finals of the 8th Official Tournament. This song is fuckin’ awesome and literally perfect for stepping. I’m still kinda baffled nobody had stepped it for FFR before me but I’m glad that I got to do it. The file is awesome and ranks up there with Night Walker for my favorite of my own files in FFR. Just an amazing song with a sexy file, nothing more to say.

dr1 - I love me some SSH, even the songs that nobody has ever heard of. Truth be told I stepped this because I wanted to see the NPS graph lmfao. It’s a funny song and the file is exactly what I wanted it to be. A lot of people (rightfully) yelled at me for submitting this kinda trolly file but hey, I like it. It’s definitely unique and fun. One fun fact is that the stream is NOT continuous, if you look closely there’s about 4-5 times where the 16th run breaks. This IS actually in the music and adds to the troll factor. Another fun fact, there's a version of this song called dr2 that is literally exactly the same rhythmically but uses a different drum sample. In my opinion dr2 sounds way worse.

Return to Fire - In my heart, my favorite files are jumpstream files. I stepped this to be a jumpstream file. And it turned out to be a jumpstream file. Yep.
Okay seriously what else is there to say about this, umm let’s see I overlayered the guitar solo but that’s okay because jumpstream, the patterns near the end are lazy and bad and I rightfully got complaints about the fact they didn’t flow well. Oh and the song is kind of meh, I know FFR as a whole isn’t a huge fan of this type of screamo/metalcore but I worked with what I had.

Negions Fail - This came about because I was bored and asked in a thread for songs to step or something, Coolboyrulez0 wanted a song from the artist Wisp. I was like, "okay but you have to cut the song for me." The next day I check my PMs and good guy CBR has cut not one but THREE songs for me. I decided on this one. The file itself is interesting; a lot of people on the forums at the time were jacking off to color theory so I decided to see if I could make it work. As cynical as I am about color theory I admit it really livened up this file. The middle section suffers from being boring but overall it’s a decent file. Honestly this is one of the files where I’m not entirely sure why people enjoy it so much, but it got a great reception overall especially from Halogen and that’s cool.
Special note: I've been working on a file for Among the Pines by Wisp for seven years. If you've never heard the song, it has basically randomly generated blips going on during the entire song, on top of IDM-style hi-hats and intense drumwork. My file for it steps EVERY random blip as a color note as well as all the drums. There's a wall in it legitimately denser than the wall in vROFL, someday I will finish it and submit it just so I can see the reviews 8)

Incident Zero – Also a song that I used in my tournament. I took the tournament file and watered it down a lot and got this. The beginning of the file is my favorite, I love simulating drum lines in the 2323 arrows. The stream sections are kind of meh and the solo is fun but a little too sparse. I had a lot of trouble with the solo, no matter how I tried filling it in to make it more interesting, it wound up too hard or too inconsistent from section to section. In the end I’m not happy with this file, the version I used in my tournament is much better. Oh well.

THE LITTLE MERMAID - So back in like, 2006 when I was first playing Stepmania, I stepped this song for Shashakiro. It was a troll file that was not synced at all and had random 64th walls and other amateur bullshit; Shash and I got a good laugh out of it every once in a while. Fast forward and suddenly FFR has permission from songstowearpantsto and I just could not pass up the opportunity to step this song legit. Or, somewhat legit. The file is hyper-layered jumpspam similar to Grocery Escape Plan, and the 16th runs to the screaming are just straight up bullshit. I think I submitted this to like 4 different batches, each time it wasn’t accepted but made it to the “resubmit” stage. I would just not change anything and sent it in again next batch, eventually the judges got sick of the file and let it in. The file was released to the “meh” reception that I honestly expected BUT FUCK THE HATERS I THINK THIS FILE IS HILARIOUS AND I HAVE NO REGRETS THE END

Bowser the Shredder - A file from 2007. I wanted to step this song because it's badass, but way back in 2007 I was a little timid and I was kind of unsure of the outcome. I sent it to some people looking for feedback. One of the people I sent it to was WTFBrandon, he changed a bunch of shit that I disagreed with and told me to submit it as a collab. I was like yeah okay I'll send it next batch, then I never did because in my opinion his changes were godawful. Fast forward six years and WTFBrandon has more or less stopped giving a shit about filemaking, I reverted all his changes and sent it in as my own file. This is basically the exact same as the file I was unsure about in 2007. Had I submitted it then, in hindsight, it would have been reviewed really well. Unfortunately today it’s just kind of a mediocre file but hey, it’s not bad.


Rising Blue Lightning
-generic 16ths JS SSH file
-i like the chugging triplet bass that's why i stepped it
-PR parts turned out fun
-shoulda cut it
-some of the 48ths are kinda dumb
-also a random jack that's just in there like oops
-forgettable file but it can be good practice

-it's 151 bpm so there's like half a dozen 2-framers that weren't fixed and they add a lot to the difficulty, have to memorize where they are
-really though please framefix this

Great Battleship
-ending handglut why
-you'd think I'd have learned by now
-but I haven't

-most of the fucking dumb parts were mine, like the 24th stream, the ending color shit, the 32nd patterns
-i originally had most of the PR solo shit done
-sent to nathan, he did artsy stuff like fading in and out layering the pianos for the beginning that i was having trouble stepping
-fixed a bunch of PR and misrhythms too, gj nathan
-i slightly toned down the ending because his was rly stupid (lots of 434 and 121, ugh)
-wow so masterpiece

Japan Style Breakcore!!!
-made along with base
-really dumb difficulty spike file
-the infamous split jump into 32nd roll transition right at the end of the file is a regret. but it's also the perfect capstone to a troll as fuck file so I regret it much less than some other files (Freedom Dive... I'm still sorry...)

All your base are belong to ME
-Spreading my creamy Reizoko jizzfiles all over the 90s range and I'm not even sorry

Heterochromia Iridis
-collab with AJ
-intentionally made everything really dumb
-good thing, too
-file got dunked on by the D7 finalists in the official
-pretty low mp3 quality led to a few misrhythms and ghost notes but in general okay technically. really dumb to play though
-evolution of using fucked up split 32nd patterns to increase difficulty starts here for me, mostly. really catches on with Nathan especially when i collab with him.
-this got file of the year? what the fuck?

Axel Man
-i dont even remember this file apparently its some easy bleep bloop shit i stepped probably before the site crash and just sent it in because i could

Artificial Rose
-this was supposed to be artsy as fuck but the beginning i didnt vary it enough (forgot to do fixes my bad) so its boring then some of the jack patterns and ending stuff are a little dumb so it wound up not being that great

-very unique file in that difficulty range
-totally relentless layering, strong PR
-a few layering errors (i went overly heavy on jumps especially in one section about 40% through where it was just loud background notes, not actually layered bass)
-people keep saying this has blue arrow syndrome but it's actually just in some weirdass like 7/8 time signature and i didn't color correct it so that's why the pink arrows in the 12ths.
-generally happy with this, file definitely has a personality and a place in the game

Etude for the Sinners
-wanted a 200bpm alternating JS file
-made a 200bpm alternating JS file
-turns out the 150bpm jacks and the 300bpm stream are the hard parts
-most people on ffr have the stamina of a barnacle (me included) so this file was a nice wake-up call in that regard. good relentless layering that is taxing on stamina without being a like 6 year long file

Thunder Light
-fuck your left hand
-or you can put mirror on, in which case fuck your right hand
-im absolutely not sorry for this file, it's great and unique and i would do it like this again if i had to
-all the haters can go git gud at long OH trills or get out of mah FACE

-Collab with Nathan, most of the dumb parts are my doing as usual: the one-handed trill layering in the beginning, and obviously the 48th walls
-the NPS graph is really disappointing because the walls don't last over a second :( it could have been a thing of beauty
-nathan did the ending which is why its flowy and fun and the parts i did are like hitting your fingers with bricks made of bad patterns
-honestly a really cool file because it tests a lot of different skills and is pretty consistently hard throughout the file despite all the sections being very distinct and unique.
-does this need framefixes? those 48ths are mad weird

Full Mast
-longass artfile wankery that is technically pretty kewl. noticed i had no long files (All your base, big bridge, and EternuS were my only previous ones 4min or longer, out of over 100 files!) so i gave this as my first try at a legit FFR marathon.

Caelumize [Standard]
-very different from heavy. feels kinda oldschool aside from the strict-ish PR and color theory arrows. Obviously not my best, but very happy with this. also happy that it didn't get put in as a skill token v2 that is easier than the file it unlocks from because that's happened before and it's straight idiotic. Purchased is much better.

Lexus Cyanixs
-pretty cool, stepped 100% on stream. bit freeform with the layering in the breakcore part at the end, and people in the tournament picked up on that, so I could have done that better.

-really though what was i thinking

Capoeira Sundance
found the song back in like 2009ish? but with ddream i could make my dreams of dicksyncing the steel drum trills a REALITY and then i did
some people are really, really bad at varied speed trills. I personally turn out to be quite good at them, relatively, so I like this file.
Very polarizing when it came out, cult following of people who loved its technicality and unique things I did and also a huge number of people pissed because the file was used in the official tournament and it dunked on them haha get owned i'm not sorry

Be-Music Polyphony
-wow so art
-very file
-drum flam section was previewed in official, everyone flipped their shit about it, but it turns out to play very well in-game in my opinion.
-for once i can actually say that was all planned. overall extremely happy with this file, this kind of coherent structure, fun PR soloing, and high pattern variation is generally what i aspire for all my files to have, at all levels of difficulty.

Senorita Bonita
-dumb as fuck also the note before each jumptrill is so quiet that it's basically a ghost note and i forgot to take them all out and they make the jumptrills a good deal harder. oops. good thing nobody complained about them during the tournament because at least the "feel" right but i do regret not doing that.

Poison of the Earth
-TC_someone's band and he's like their singer
-posted in forum forever ago
-i liked it, i stepped it
-waited like a year or something obscenely long
-used in official (further dunking on D6)
-despite everything in the file having been done before (compare to stuff like Mourning the Lost) it does feel fairly unique
-song not everyone's cup of team but I actually rather enjoy it, technical deathcore can be pretty rhythmically and structurally interesting (when this was added it was tagged as "grunge" bmah pls)
-ending slow jacks are troll as fuck, not sorry, not sorry at all.

-started with really inconsistent difficulty curve and lots of dumb stuff like jumpjacks to the piano in the quiet part
-tons of revisions (big thanks to bmah for extensive notes)

Schur's Theorem
-why does everyone like this file lol
-I managed to AAA it what the fuck

-suposed to be D7R6 in official
-originally had stupid as fuck System Doctor-tier split jumptrills right at the end, i removed them shortly after the events team slotted this to be used in the official, forcing them to change everything. Oops. I try to be easy to work with and not do shit like that, so I felt genuinely bad about it.
-got framefixed and apparently dropped from like a 90something to 87, rip
-as a result moved to D6
-really fun, layering solid, PR solid, climax is nice... quite happy with this, really.

You Time
-really unique file, glad it got accepted
-used as D6 tiebreaker
-again not everyone's cup of tea

Staple on Smile
-part of like 5 different files I tried making for D7 semifinals, supposed to be a 95
-had a week to make a D7R7-worthy technically accurate file in the 94-95 range, WAY harder to do than it sounds. was an easy week in school so I put a lot of effort into this. The files that didn't make it, you'll be seeing them submitted in the future after revisions or put in SM packs and stuff like that... I generated a lot of files before i finished SoS.
-overshot difficulty out of caution and a good thing I did too
-started out being mostly jumptrillable and probably like a 93 at most, and AJ suggested I make it harder so i put split rolls to a specific set of hihat sounds
-this made the one-hand trilling requirement really, really high
-so then i put the one-hand trills-into-8thjacks thing right in the middle
-i knew this would fuck over Luis in particular and because he is a good friend I specifically left it in there for him. that's what friends do, right?
-if it werent for frame fixes this would have been some kind of RATO-tier mess, dossar did a great job. Huge thanks to him.

-frame fixes makes 24ths almost entirely jumptrillable, way easier than expected
-not sure whether to be annoyed about frame fixes turning what would have been an awful file into something playable, or be sad that my troll ending got de-trolled. honestly i feel a little of both, but i realize having the file be actually good is probably better for the game heh
-the 64th grace notes and stuff in the ending were not in the file when it was judged and probably would have made it get rejected. in hindsight they were a terrible idea and i shouldn't have even put them there, but they do look pretty, so there's that. (on that topic, how the fuck was this not rejected? mystifying to me that everyone else seems to see something in my Reizoko Cj files that I don't, I honestly think they're kinda dumpy and average at best?)

Quad Queens
-went through 13 other files to get a proper D2 final (you'll be seeing them eventually I'm sure)
-feels good
-really one of my favorite files.
-went through no layering, then overlayering of kick drum phases
-AJ with the genius idea to layer the horn countermelody in the ending which made the perfect NPS
-split the 24th patterns (were originally more roll/staircasey) and the difficulty hit head on. Right at the 65/66 border in my opinion, it was rated low and has stayed there since.

The Labyrinth of Skadi
-slotted internally for D5 finals because it was a nice 87-ish file, dropped to 86 because of frame fixes but more importantly i removed the minijacks and made them the jumptrill
-this was before I was even placed in D5, some people suspected ~collusion~ when my final round file was my own file, but like, the thought of having to play this myself in the tournament literally didn't even cross my mind as I was stepping it (that said it turned out to be to my advantage, I can't downplay that, but at least it was that way completely unintentionally)
-purposefully staircasey patterns in the JS
-does not feel like it's over 4 minutes long, at least to me, because it stays interesting. While the half BPM low NPS sections are generally easier there's no part after the intro where you can totally fall asleep on, which is a quality i always aim for.
-really, really proud of this one. At the moment, I consider this my best file in FFR.
-gets a lot of love from OWA in particular. definitely seems like a great one to play on rates.

Rating: Out of 10, just my general feeling towards how proud of the file I am. Catch-all rating, higher is better.
Quality: Out of 10 Using the standards of technicality from the date the reviews were written (noted below), how technically accurate it is. Higher is better.
Personality: Out of 10 How well the file fits, its identity in the game, etc. basically do I feel it wound up being a forgettable background file or does it have some characteristic that keeps it replayable and unique.
Fun: Just how fun I personally find the file to play. For easier files, rating given as if I were evaluating it from the skill level the file is intended for. No rating for files I haven't played.

Subjective as fuck!
Posted on: June 16, 2007, at 06:45:18pm   [1 comment]
Here's the link, go nuts:

If you just want the pictures with the happy face on them, go to this thread. You can find them in the spoiler on the second post. Big thanks to supermousie for converting and cropping all the images.
(it's an old thread so probably don't bump it)

EDIT- New for 2014: the cornface by itself, with transparency
Thanks to gold stinger.
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I juat saw your post in the top 5 rhythm gaming accomplishments of 2014 thread. And holy shit I had absolutely no idea you were this good cornman. If there were an official going right now, those scores would be kicking the asses of the majority of D6 almost as much as your files do :^)
17g fc on jsb, what a beast~
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