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Uploaded on March 8, 2007 at 02:17:48pm

Picture Comments

  1. cuuute =D

  2. you get tha best comments for tha best pics *ahem* like this one.

  3. Oh wow

  4. Oh wow

  5. mmm. nice photo

  6. their aim sucks

  7. still i ahve better hair...

  8. ur very pretty! love the hair =D

  9. *touches hair* you are look so...clean O_O and pretty.

  10. that looks like a paintballing place

  11. you have really beautiful eyes

  12. *blows noes with the hanky and gives it back to you* here you go.=D You have something in your hair. Some pink goo.=)

  13. Cool =D
    AHH! A giant splatterey monster is behind you!! =p

  14. cute

  15. Your hair is cute.

  16. Nice :D

  17. :) your hair matches the background

  18. *tears roll down my face*....beautiful...*sigh*....

  19. wow you remind me a lot of my friend jinx o.o
    gorgeous pic. tho n.n

  20. this picture is really cute ;D

  21. noice

  22. love this pic

  23. Your hair is frickin amazing, not many people can pull off extravegant colors like that. But you pull it perfectly, Lets rave sometime =D xD

  24. whoa you look like natalie portman or is it me?