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Uploaded on March 7, 2007 at 06:09:20pm

Picture Comments

  1. DDR is fun.

  2. i like the sparkles that are coming off the game... im dazed.

  3. John Travolta in the background made lol.

  4. aWSOME! i need to learn how to use my feet =P no cooridantion for me lol

  5. WOWWW that place has the EXACT same floor the arcade i go to has.. creepy

    and the DDR machine looks brand new.. damn I wish the one at the arade I goto had a new one.

  6. you feet are like supersonic

  7. that place looks cool! :P

  8. everything...is so.....shiny O.O

    I can tell by the little pixels xP
    That's such a cool picture, I wish I was good at that game. Uber-Pro at ping-pong and Guitar Hero, but not at FFR and DDR. Woe is upon me as I ponder the... What was I talking about?

  10. fast feet

  11. That machine looks like it works unlike the one at my arcade....

  12. Wow, that place looks cool, what machine is this that you played on?