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Anime, manga, FFR, martial arts, weapons, rugby, and flash
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I love all music. It just depends on wether the song sucks or not
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I basically love all anime and comedy
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SuperRose9 writes...
at 8:24:06pm on 2/17/09
Thanks for being my buddeh...what animes do you like?
SuperRose9 writes...
at 8:09:07pm on 2/17/09
Hiya!!!! Just saying a random hello...Chad's awesome!!!!
vifs writes...
at 10:12:04pm on 8/1/07
thanks your is pretty sweet to
xMiRrOr_FoEx writes...
at 8:05:59pm on 7/30/07
No,actually. XD
KukSoolMaster writes...
at 2:09:31pm on 7/14/07
my rank would be 1st dahn (1st degree black belt for those that do not know)
jayjayboy writes...
at 3:23:13pm on 7/13/07
thumps up hope u can do the same
shini-gama writes...
at 2:27:05pm on 7/13/07
thanks i guess
KukSoolMaster writes...
at 12:11:58pm on 7/9/07
Right now I actually train alone cause there is currently no school in the entire state of Arizona. I will be opening my own school sometime after I turn 21
cloud97 writes...
at 9:51:47pm on 7/5/07
my pet loves u
FiLiPiNo_CuTiE writes...
at 2:04:26pm on 12/25/06
uh thnx
il add u

buh bye =P
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