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Uploaded on June 24, 2007 at 02:13:29pm

Picture Comments

  1. Beautiful!

  2. that shirt is amazing

  3. dun dun DUNDUN dun dundun dundun dundun dun...
    the song was playing in my head. maybe it can be recognized by the duns... hehe.

  4. nice face haha

  5. lol Katie

  6. Totally beautiful!

  7. ~random post~

  8. cnady necklace T_T so lucky T_T
    Im jealous of your necklace skills :(

  9. yummy necklace hahaha

  10. lol i like the shirt

  11. AHHH.
    i have pants like those.
    except in redd.

    but i only wore them
    like, 10 times. XD lol

  12. lol, You wish Smitty.

  13. lol djswabber... whats good. Cool pants. Do you strangle people with your whips and chains?

  14. nice shirt lol

  15. i want ur pants

  16. i love this pic.....and i love ur shirt

  17. I salute you little lady!

  18. lol, I really like your hair. It looks like it would change colors in different light or something ^^

  19. Nice ^_^

  20. SALUTE, EL BURGER! lololololz... dont mind my awefully offensive shirt its a joke. xD